Day 221

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20 Jul 2017

News to no one, but yeah, definitely falling behind due to my Twitter addiction and obsession with everything #pitchwars right now. Which, I mean, priorities I guess? ‘Cause technically BtE is in pretty good shape and the best thing I can do right now is widen my community/audience/reach and get all the query and pitch material shined up, but it’s eating at me that I might not get the rewrites I want to done in time. I mean, not enough to actually motivate me to prioritize them, but… lol.

I agreed to cat sit for someone next week, before all this, and now I’m deeply regretting it, as they only wanted daytime but they’re an hours walk away or !40m by bus because local transit sucks and I’d spend 1/3 of what I’ll bring in on it just on the bus rides each day b/c it’s not overnight and why did I agree to this? So I have to go over there tonight and do the whole meet n greet orientation thing and I’m just annoyed that it’s taking away from writing/revising/Twitter time (but really: I said yes b/c it’d force me to actually go outside on a regular basis… plus spare change.)

Drowning under the flood of resources Pitchwars is stirring up, including a SUPER depressing one on how you should really only expect to get offered around $10-$20 for your book and even if you’re super lucky and get 6 figures for a two book deal it breaks down to about $20k/year. Which, I mean, I did know and it’s part of why I was moving towards the whole indie publishing thing, but still, the details had thankfully faded in my mind and I was having fantasies of my future actually working out, lol. It really is a super crowded field; my TBR pile is as long as all the books I’ve marked done on Goodreads and only getting longer (1k+) with amazing sounding stories, so I can see how it’s a stretch for everyone to get paid, but it’s pretty insane when compared to the amount of work put in. Justine Larbaleister had a thread about how working writers should get businesslike with it and stop bleeding onto the page, but I can’t imagine cranking out material so cynically (not to mention productively.)

Anyways, got the first draft hooks and comp titles off to my editor yesterday, and she hasn’t chucked ‘em back, so I’m gonna take advantage of the couple hours I can grab to dive back in on rewrites!


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