Day 88

Spoiler Alert! May contain planning-stage plot/character details or other spoilers!

12 Apr 2016

Passed Level 3 guide on Google maps and halfway to Level 4; it’s taking longer than I’d expected, and there seems to be some requirement to maintain involvement, which is… well, could be worse. Maybe I can build an API to pull my activity in and display on a website as a part of the travel section?

Really ought to get the Google app, but I hate filling my iPad with clutter. They have a new offering called ‘Create’ that requires weekly input, and again might be an excellent way to stimulate involvement, or could really suck to chase and fail at… I need to look in to the API options there too…

Which is starting to beg the question, why not just use Blogger as a base? Especially because I’ve been stuck on a JS lesson for three days now - and it’s not even a challenge assignment, just a basic learning module. Gah! Somehow I’m managing to just miss what they’re asking for… repeatedly.

Frustrated that I have to go in to Vancouver and get there early to see the dentist - and pay for it! I’ve had jobs with healthcare and/or coverage under my parents or school for my entire life, so it seems just… wrong. But it makes more sense to pay for dental care here than to wait until the UK and deal with an unfamiliar system and 2x in currency exchange.

Priorities are get Google Guide Level 4 status, transfer all files from the Pro to Google Drive (with that free TB of data), refit my old MacBookPro, sell all the things on eBay and Craigslist, do another trial pack and maybe get more luggage as needed, finish trip planning, apply for visa, push through at least to the end of the JS and object modules of freeCodeCamp, and start recutting/editing writing to stockpile material for timed release, update marketing plan and build and launch website and social media.

Learning guitar seems to have dropped off the list - still there, but in the background for now. My life is a series of switching efforts from music to writing and back again…

Funny, some sections of writing seem to flow so much more easily - Itri has become one of the more natural ones to write - I can tell what he’s doing, where, how, why, without putting much thought into it. The villains are the hardest - I know they’re up to something, but I’m not used to scheming and catching their thought process and how it fits with their actions is tough.

Hayne5 is kinda like that too, a tough head to get inside of. Then there’s the ones that I didn’t expect to grow and so wasn’t paying attention to, like the Morris sisters… So many moving parts to keep in mind!


Start time: 10:00 am

Location: couch/living room

Drinking: iced tea

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