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    Who's your publisher?

    20 Mar 2018

    Snowmelt & Stumps is an independent single-author imprint with no formal business status. It’s used as a matter of convenience in lieu of author name if/when a publisher or imprint field is required.

    Blind the Eyes and all other in-progress and full length works on this site are copyrighted by K.A. Wiggins. For all rights or licensing enquiries, please contact the rights holder.

    From September 2017 to March 2018 Blind the Eyes (Threads of Dreams book 1) was queried for representation and receieved multiple full requests. In March 2018, it entered Kindle Scout, but the program was cancelled before its campaign ended and all rights reverted to the author. In June 2018, ebook and paperback editions were produced and sold by the author.

    What does that mean?

    Blind the Eyes is a 100% indie title, and was written and produced with independent or hybrid publishing in mind.

    Going indie means operating your own micro-sized publishing company. I had the great fortune to work with awesome professionals on every stage of bringing Blind the Eyes to life. If you’re looking for support with your own ventures, I highly recommend every name on this list.

    Lisa Poisso

    • Developmental Editing Round 1 on Blind the Eyes
    • Developmental Editing Round 2 on Blind the Eyes
    • Substantive/Line Edit on Blind the Eyes
    • Plot Accelerator on Threads of Dreams book 2

    Catherine Milos

    • Proofread on Blind the Eyes

    Regina Wamba of Mae I Design

    • Digital and Print Cover Design on the on sale version Blind the Eyes

    (Note: all other graphics and in-progress/pre-publication version covers are designed & copyrighted by K.A. Wiggins.)

    Do you offer review copies?

    20 Mar 2018

    If you’re a book blogger, reviewer, or bookstagrammer, first of all, you rock & I wish I could take photos even half as well as you.

    Second, digital and a limited number of paper review copies (pre-publication proofs/galleys/advanced reader copies/ARCs or whatever you want to call them) of Blind the Eyes will be available starting in April 2018 - please contact me with the details of your blog or other online presence.

    I welcome bloggers and reviewers from all countries; however, the ability to read and communicate in written English is a necessary requirement.

    UPDATE: Digital ARCs are available for a limited time at BookSprout or Instafreebie until June 1, 2018.

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