Standalone Short Fiction

Slip through a portal to another world . . .

Visit fractured futures, mythological Otherworlds, and shadows of the past in these frightening, fantastical, and futuristic speculative short stories.

Castoffs in It Was All a Dream: An Anthology of Bad Horror Tropes Done Right

Payment by the pound . . .

A decade later, a demon shows up to collect his payment. Dinner aims to deliver.

My gross-out horror-comedy short Castoffs (all-time fave editors' notes have included "extravagantly bizarre," "equal parts tantalizing and perverse," & "fun in its own insane, visceral way") is just one of 28 tropey tales of horror and madness collected in this subversive anthology featuring a star-studded lineup and custom b&w retro-horror-style interior artwork for every story.

Edited by Brandon Applegate. Cover art by Evangeline Gallagher. Interior art by Christopher Castillo Díaz.

Castoffs is recommended for all ages. It Was All a Dream anthology is recommended for mature audiences.

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A Song of Dark Things in Unknown Realms: A Fiction-Atlas Press Anthology

When being stolen away by the fairies offers more opportunity than trying to live in the real world, there’s only one thing to do— plan a heist.

Desperate to escape a dead-end future in the Scottish Highlands, a musical teen makes a deal with the fae to achieve her dreams of stardom, only to discover her heart's desire comes at an unexpected cost.

Contemporary dark fantasy inspired by Scottish folkore Thomas the Rhymer & The Fiddlers of Tomnahurich for fans of Holly Black, S. Jae-Jones, & Melissa Marr—plus NINE other speculative stories in this multi-author anthology.

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On the Edge

NA horror/dark fantasy faery story about walking on water, adulthood & escaping reality in the Scottish Highlands.

Inspired by adventures in the UK, this story licensed first digital rights to Enchanted Conversation: A Fairytale Magazine in June 2019 and they've kindly posted the full text online so you can read it for free.

Reprint rights (second edition/updated) licensed to Frozen Wavelets by The Earthian Hivemind in 2019 and they've kindly posted the full text online (in 2022) so you can read it for free.

It has the author's (and readers', apparently) favourite ending to date and comments include: "exceptional and lyrically beautiful" and "It's got the spooky, fair folk vibes that I live for; the atmosphere really just shines in this."

Read First Edition on Enchanted Conversation Read Second Edition on Frozen Wavelets

The Unsought Light

Hana dreams of floating away on the breeze like the cherry blossoms, but when an otherworldly stranger offers a chance at escape from the stifling bonds of her impending arranged marriage to the son of the clan lord, duty and desire collide in a war that threatens to bring down her family, her clan, and her village.

Freedom. Passion. Family. Fate. What do you do when there are no good choices left?

A gothic retelling of the ancient Japanese folktale The Maiden of Unai, this short story explores the untold perspective of the "maiden" destined for an arranged political marriage in a time and place where family fortunes mattered more than individual happiness or choice. A historical tragic romance in the vein of Rome & Juliet with a supernatural twist.

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