Blind the Eyes

Haunted teen Cole needs to shake her reputation as a failure. The only way to survive the nightmarish Mara is absolute obedience, and she's down to her last chance. Will she figure out who to trust and stop the dying before the nightmares eat her alive?

A story about identity & taking back your choices. Book One of THREADS OF DREAMS, 2018.

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Flame of the Connarii

Edana fights to lead her tribe through treacherous Otherworldly mists to a safe haven. Torchann, the wildcat-raised son of an extinguished race, struggles to remain master of his dying land.

Their worlds destroyed, their way of life threatened, can they unite, fight back, and survive, or will they each die alone?

A story about belonging & leading well. Tarzan meets Brave. YA fantasy. Serial webfiction updated Tuesdays.(on hiatus)

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Things Got Out of Hand

She should have died.
Then he moved in.

April prefers her own company, but when Henry saves her from a homicidal Nightmare and moves in, her days of peaceful solitude are over.

A story about monsters, heroes, and plans that change. Rom-com retelling of Blind the Eyes. Serial webfiction updated Fridays.(on hiatus)

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K.A. Wiggins writes YA Fantasy with an edge for ages 14 and up.

Expect monsters, magic, and more blood than kissing.

Her debut Young Adult Dark Fantasy, BLIND THE EYES, launched in 2018 as the first book in the THREADS OF DREAMS trilogy. A not-quite-alive girl and her not-quite-dead ghost discover trusted authorities lie, allies have their own agendas and even the monsters wear masks. Join the newsletter to get an exclusive free 5 chapter preview ebook and audiobook.

Kaie has been creating urban legends about witches in the back wood and fairies in the snow melt since she was seven years old. She writes prickly mistfits challenging the borders of the mundane, inspired by contemporary YA stars including Brenna Yovanoff, Kendare Blake, Melissa Marr, Kelley Armstrong, and Holly Black, and fantasy classic masters such as J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, and Madeleine L'Engle.

Born in Vancouver, BC, she freelances as a technical writer, copywriter, and marketing content creator from the Pacific Northwest.

News & Updates

Updates, ARCs, and Giveaways!

Apr 23, 2018

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  • Kindle Scout update
  • ARCs are coming~
  • Giveaways

So, about that Kindle Scout campaign . . .

First off, thanks for all your nominations! You pushed BLIND THE EYES to the trending list on Kindle Scout!

. . . Unfortunately, they announced their plans to cancel the whole program on the last day of its campaign, so . . . yeah.

Corporations . . . mumble grumble

Just wanted to say how much I appreciate your support in this prelaunch phase. It’s been a long wait, but we’re finally nearing the end – aaand, on that note:

ARCS are coming!!

. . . for real this time!

I’m not quite ready to announce preorder and on-sale dates for BLIND THE EYES, but plans... Read more

Camp NaNoWriMo

Mar 29, 2018

I tend to have too many projects on the go at one time. My plan is to solve that by . . . yup, adding another one! Yaaaay~~

Quick pause for a commercial: Blind the Eyes is down to its final days in Kindle Scout! If you haven’t already, you can go to Kindle Scout and nominate Blind the Eyes as a book you want to read. If it wins, you get a free copy before its release date!

‘Kay, back to the new news. :) So I’ve entered Camp NaNoWriMo to push myself to make more progress writing a prequel to Blind the Eyes that will sit outside of the Threads of Dreams Trilogy and may be a serial, short story, or novella. It shouldn’t be all that long, maybe 10-20,000 words (contrast with BtE at 97k), and it’s not going to go through the same level... Read more

One Week Left

Mar 22, 2018

Blind the Eyes is down to its final week in Kindle Scout! It’s been a great learning experience, and I’m excited to finish up the competition and get on with sharing this book with all of you.

If you haven’t already, you can go to Kindle Scout and nominate Blind the Eyes as a book you want to read. If it wins, you get a free copy before its release date!

When I first started researching Kindle Scout, there wasn’t a lot of information online from people who had recently gone through the competition, so for those of you who are interested (& for posterity), here’s what I’ve learned so far. I’ll also update after the competition closes with a retrospective.

What is it?

  • Kindle Scout is the American Idol of publishing
  • Readers vote on pre-published books during a 30 day period
  • Editors read the manuscripts... Read more

Cover Reveal

Mar 07, 2018

It’s finally time for the long promised cover reveal!

If you’re subscribed to the newsletter, you already got your sneak peek yesterday. For everyone else, surprise! In addition to a brand-new, professionally-designed cover, I’ve got some other exciting news: Blind the Eyes is competing in Kindle Scout!

What does that mean?

  • Kindle Scout is the American Idol of publishing
  • Readers vote on pre-published books during a 30 day period
  • Editors read the manuscripts at the end of voting
  • Amazon publishes the best of the combined editor- and fan-approved books in ebook format
  • Amazon sends a free ebook to everyone who voted for (“nominated”) a book that gets published!

So if you want a chance to get a free copy of BTE, head on over to the Kindle Scout website, nominate it and hope it wins!

And hey, why not vote for some other faves while... Read more


Feb 06, 2018

Official announcements plus some updates for the new year! Where things are at:

  • I just pulled all the preview editions from ebookstores. The three chapter special preview edition of Blind the Eyes has done really well on Amazon and the other usual suspects, but it’s also been up for half a year longer than I expected, since I pivoted from indie publishing to querying. It’s a little hard to continuously build momentum while also pushing the release date further and further into the future, so for the moment I’m pressing pause on all book marketing initiatives. However, I’ll still be present and active on social media, and the onsite and newsletter-exclusive extended downloadables will remain available!

  • & on that note, yes, Blind the Eyes is still under query until at least March 2018. There’s been some good feedback and several agents have asked for additional materials... Read more

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