K.A. Wiggins is a Vancouver-born Canadian speculative fiction writer. Her work explores social movements, environmental crises, and identity issues through intricate, dreamlike tales of monsters and magic.

Her debut, Blind the Eyes, was a Barnes & Noble Press pick for "20 Favorite Indie Books of 2018" and the companion short, Letter From the End of the World, has been translated into Italian by Virgibooks as Lettera dalla fine del mondo.

Notably, she was a guest speaker at the first ORCHIDS Children's Literature Fest in Mumbai and is an executive team member and registered speaker with the Children's Writers and Illustrators of British Columbia (CWILL BC) Society. She's currently a creative storytelling coach with the Metro-Vancouver-area Creative Writing for Children Society (CWC).

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When the seas rose, the monsters rose with them . . .

Creatures of myth and legend collide with dystopian climate fiction in an elaborate, emotional, genre-bending neogothic saga of monsters and magic.

Dive into Dreams

Slip through a portal to another world . . .

Visit fractured futures, mythological Otherworlds, and shadows of the past in these frightening, fantastical, and futuristic speculative shorts and serial fiction.

Escape the Ordinary

News & Updates

ARCs Are Here

Aug 04, 2020

Get ready for an epic cover reveal (hint: 🐉🐙), a new launch date announcement (maybe more than 1…?) annnd—ARCs are here!

Can’t wait to read Black the Tides? Apply to review now via StoryOrigin

Still haven’t read book 1? I’m releasing a limited number of Blind the Eyes review copies to established bloggers/bookstagrammers/reviewers—message me to apply📚🎉

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Black Lives Matter and so do Black Stories

Jun 12, 2020

You probably didn’t stop by today for political commentary and, in general, I prefer to make my arguments in fiction (and fantasy at that . . .), but this is also a historic moment. A turning point that will go down in history.

Or, at least, that’s what we need it to be. What we need to make of it.

There’s a lot of wrong in the world. It’s easy to get overwhelmed, to lose hope, to say it has always been broken and will always be broken. To try to find stability and comfort and safety each in our little corner and ignore the fires raging outside.

But we’re all fantasy readers here. We’ve spent years reading our fairytales...
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World Read Aloud Day Event

Date: February 5, 2020

Time: 6:30-8:45 pm

Location: Bob Prittie Metrotown Branch Library (6100 Willingdon Avenue, Burnaby by Metrotown Stn.)

Type: Live Reading, Book...
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Writing & Illustrating Kids Books: The Inside Story

Date: February 3, 2020

Time: 7-8:30 pm (6:30 signing/bookfair)

Location: Central Library Branch, Montalbano Family Theatre, Level 8 (350 West Georgia...
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WORD Vancouver Writing Festival

Date: September 29, 2019

Time: 10am-5pm

Location: Central Library Branch, Plaza (350 West Georgia St., Vancouver, BC)

Type: Book Fair, Writing Festival

I’ll be staffing...
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