K.A. Wiggins writes YA Fantasy with an edge for ages 14 and up.

Expect more blood than kissing. #monstersandmagic

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When the seas rose, the monsters rose with them . . .

Creatures of myth and legend collide with dystopian climate fiction in an elaborate, emotional, genre-bending neogothic saga of monsters and magic.

Dive into Dreams

Slip through a portal to another world . . .

Visit ancient Japan, mythological Otherworlds, and a fractured Vancouver in these frightening, fantastical, and futuristic speculative short stories and serial fiction.

Escape the Ordinary

News & Updates

Books in the Wild

May 07, 2019

Looking for my books IRL? Here’s where you can find them:


Quincy Books (3734 W. Broadway Street, Quincy, IL—1 copy Blind the Eyes, paperback in stock)


Fraser Vally Regional Library (locations in BC, Canada—2 copies of Blind the Eyes, paperback)

Patagonia Public Library (346 Duquesne, Patagonia, AZ—1 copy of Blind the Eyes, paperback)

Watch this space; I update as more locations get added! Also, I’d love it if you’d take a moment to let me know if you spot it in any other retail or library locations.)

If you want to request one of my books (or any book, really) at a local indie bookshop, chain bookstore, or library, all you have to do is give them the author, title, and, if you can, ISBN number.

For Blind the Eyes, the ISBNs are:

ISBN... Read more

My new favourite thing

May 02, 2019

The Children’s Literature Fest in Mumbai was spectacular, guys—I wish you all could have been there!

Huge shoutout to ORCHIDS The International School and the other sponsors, and Rupsa and her team for making it happen.

(They also made this rad video of me talking about how great it was—you can see they’re skilled by how they edited my barely-coherent flailing interview into something cool~)

Apparently this was not only the first Children’s Lit Fest in Mumbai, but the largest anywhere? I think 10,000 guests over the course of the festival were anticipated. (So happy I don’t get stage fright!)

The level of production was just unbelievable; they had this thing they called a “story street” that you can catch a glimpse of in that YouTube where they’d created like 10-foot high vinyl-printed illustrations and pop-up installations all along... Read more

Meet me in Mumbai!

Apr 10, 2019

Orchids Literary Fest Mumbai

Looking to get a book signed at the festival? Paperback editions of Blind the Eyes are available in India for Rs.650.00+shipping at Pothi and NotionPress.

I will be teaching a masterclass, participating in panel discussions, and leading sessions on three topics (descriptions below). Check the schedule for last minute changes and updates.

Download: Useful resource links

Getting Started as a Young Writer (PPT Notes)

Young writers can benefit greatly from sharing their work. Learn about some of the best ways to get started, whether you’re ambitiously building a career, or recreationally enjoying the wonderful community and creativity of writing.

This session will discuss identifying your goals, types of writing you should try or focus on, and where to start sharing your work.

Masterclass: From Scribbles to Prints (PPT Notes)

Getting a book from concept... Read more

A Villain Origin Story TRANSLATED

Mar 31, 2019

Letter from the End of the World

Before her deal with the devil, Maryam Ajera was . . . anything but ordinary. Read the letter she can never send to the son she can never acknowledge confessing the true story of their world before its fall.

Brilliant academic, driven professional, cynical wife, and reluctant mother, Maryam Ajera’s ambition knows no bounds. She’ll sacrifice whatever it takes to rise to the top. But when her secret mission to stop the end of the world gets hijacked by tragedy, the monstrous intelligence possessing her dying city forces her to choose between surrendering her life or signing on for an eternity of sacrifice.

In a city overrun by monsters, she’s not the only one who’ll pay the cost.

Discover the unexpected villain origin story of the unearthly Mayor of the Towers of Refuge in this short spinoff to the Threads of Dreams... Read more

A Standalone and a Prequel

Mar 28, 2019

Two New Stories!!

I’ve been aiming for one new story a month this year.

First up was Letter from the End of the World, a Threads of Dreams flash fiction at the end of January. The translation, Lettera dalla fine del mondo, comes out at the end of March. I managed to wedge these two right in between:

The Unsought Light: A Japanese Fairytale Retelling with a Gothic Twist

Short Story The Unsought Light by K.A. Wiggins

Daughters don’t get to choose their fate. But there’s one choice no one can deny her.

Promised from birth to the son of the clan lord, Hana’s only joy is gazing out over the lake beyond her window. She dreams of floating away on the breeze like the cherry blossoms, but when an otherworldly stranger offers a chance at escape, duty and desire collide in a war... Read more

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