K.A. Wiggins is a Vancouver-born Canadian speculative fiction author, speaker, and creative writing coach known for the award-winning YA Urban Fantasy/Ecopunk Dystopian Gothic series Threads of Dreams.

Her short fiction has been published by Enchanted Conversation: A Fairytale Magazine, Frozen Wavelets by The Earthian Hivemind, Fiction-Atlas Press, and Virgibooks (in translation). | LEARN MORE

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News & Updates

Blog Tour & NaNoWriMo

Oct 29, 2021

Just a quick heads-up on two new developments before I retreat into heavy-duty drafting mode!

1. Blog Tour


You can enter the giveaway on any of those blogs or by clicking here until 11:59 PM EST on Dec. 24, 2021.

And here come the blogs! I’ll link to the ones with custom content (guest blog or interview) below.

OP: Oct. 29

I’ve got a blog tour coming up for Blind the Eyes (as a result of winning the Page Turner Awards tour prize last year) so I’ll have a bunch of interviews and blogs for you to check out in late November to early December.

I also just wanted to offer, if there are any bloggers among my readers who want to get in on the fun (and take advantage of the free content), you can check out all the details and sign up here.

And there’ll be another chance to win a special edition hardcover coming as part of the tour!

2. #NaNoWriMo2021


So, uh, this went shockingly well? About 55k words in the first 11 days of the month over 45-50 hours and a messy zero draft is born! In unrelated news, why do my hands hurt???

OP: Oct. 29

If you’ve never stumbled across National Novel Writing Month before, it’s a now-international challenge to write a novel (or rather, 50,000 words of one) in the month of November. I tried it out way back in the dark days of 2020 and produced most of Burn the Skies, wrapping up the Threads of Dreams series.

This year I’ve got something a little different in mind . . .

Shop Early

Sep 27, 2021

So last week was a little crazy. CBC news caught onto a situation that’s been developing in the publishing world. The tl;dr is that a combination of pandemic and shipping-related issues is making books more expensive and making it hard to stock and nearly impossible to restock physical copies of books on any kind of reasonable timeline.

Spent a few days on correspondence, recorded print/blog & tv interviews and a live radio piece on behalf of CWILL BC members. Decided it might be clearer to just lay things out in my own words. If you want the deep dive, it’s posted over on Medium.

The upshot of all this is that it gave us the kick in the pants we needed to finally launch our (CWILL BC) planned giveaway! If you live in British Columbia, click here to enter to win a stack of kids books in time for the holidays OR a free author or illustrator visit via Zoom.

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2021 Arty Awards

Sep 25, 2021

UPDATE Cannot believe I won!! Thanks to my mystery nominator and the whole council team, volunteers, and supporters!

Original Post: September 9:

This was a definite higlight of my summer: someone nominated me in the annual Abbotsford Arts Club Arty Awards!

Congrations to my fellow nominees in the literature category, local authors David Tickner, Julia Rohan, Emily Isaacson, and Lauralee Sí:tel Á:la Kelly! The awards ceremony will be held remotely on September 25 at 7 pm.

If you’re a visiting and looking to check out my work in hardcopy, you can find paperbacks locally to borrow through the Fraser Valley Regional Library, or for sale at The Bookman or Hemingways Books and Records. Thanks for...
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News Round-Up

Aug 29, 2021

Aaand just like that, summer’s over! As usual, I’ve been too busy to share updates as they happen, so here’s a quick rundown of what you may have missed:

Threads of Dreams Complete

Burn the Skies launched on July 6, completing the trilogy. Binge the whole series today!


The Children’s Writers and Illustrators of British Columbia society elected me as president on June 30. If you’re a published (or professionally indie publishing) illustrator or author of books for the under-18 crowd living in British Columbia, please join us at cwillbc.org. We’re doing a ton of cool stuff!.


Not sure I’m allowed to share the news yet, but there’s a super fun awards nomination in the works that I’ll be able to shout about soon. Thanks to whoever nominated me, btw!

Instagram Catastrophe UPDATE: It’s back!

On the not-so-fun news side, my Instagram (@kaie.space) got unexpectedly shut down. Not sure if I got hacked or flagged by bots or something else, but it doesn’t appear to be recoverable. Sad to lose 3,000+ connections and 5+ years of work, but moving on and starting over with a new handle. Join me @kaiewiggins for pretty(?) book photos and book recs featuring YA fantasy and Canadian authors! Main account @kaie.space was reinstated (after a month . . . ) with their apologies, so we’re back up and running!

Just launched two new website sections to feature creative projects by emerging writers I’ve had the privilege to teach and compile writing and publishing resources. Between teaching and leading CWILL, I’ve been getting an increasing number of questions about where to start with x or y, so while I’m no publishing guru, hopefully this provides a helpful starting point to refer questions to. It’ll likely grow as I have time and questions increase. Students of past workshops or who I’ve connected with at presentations are welcome to get in touch at any time with a creative project they’d like featured on the showcase page.

Up Next

I’m still dithering about what project to dive into next on the writing front, but I’ll be teaching two anthology workshops with Creative Writing for Children in the fall term, growing CWILL BC’s reach and effectiveness, and taking a continuing ed workshop on short fiction with WMG Publishing. Somewhere in all that, I need to plot and draft the next release, genre and title TBD. Stay in touch via the newsletter or social for all the details as they drop!

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Preorder Bonus

Jun 30, 2021

It’s just SEVEN DAYS to Burn the Skies launch day, so I guess I better hurry up and tell you about the preorder bonuses!

All eBook preorders of Burn the Skies (on any storefront) OR library requests are eligible for a FREE digital bonus pack. 🔥

It includes a exclusive ebook special edition of Boy With No Name (the Ravel antihero side story formerly only available as part of The Devil You Know anthology), plus 6+ sheets of printables featuring adorable nature sprites (debuting in Burn the Skies, because this book needed a little cute-and-cuddly to balance out all the explosive tension!) for custom DIY magnetic bookmarks, stickers and more. 🎨

To get your bonuses:

  1. Preorder Burn the Skies on any storefront OR submit a new book request at your local library before launch day (July 7, 2021).

  2. Screenshot or snap a pic of the order confirmation/receipt/library request.

  3. Fill out this Google Form and submit your receipt. Your bonuses will be sent to the email you provide by the end of launch week!🔥

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More News


World Read Aloud Day with WORD Vancouver + CWILL BC

Date: February 2, 2022

Time: 11-11:45 am PST

Location: virtual

Type: Live reading, book talk + Q&A

World Read Aloud Day is a “celebration of the power of reading aloud to create community, to amplify new stories, and to advocate for literacy as a foundational human right.”

Join us on February 2, 2022 from 11-11:45 a.m. PST for a FREE virtual reading and Q&A in support of the 13th annual World Read Aloud Day!

I’ll be hosting this event, organized by the lovely folks at WORD Vancouver festival in collaboration with CWILL BC. It features three BC authors of books for pre-K to YA (Jami Gigot, Mahtab Narsimhan & Mark David Smith) reading from their recent releases and reflecting on what and who inspires their writing process.


Also, don’t miss...
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World Read Aloud Day Online

Date: February 2, 2022

Time: 9-10am - 12:30-9pm PST

Location: your classroom, library, or book club via Zoom (or similar)

Type: Live Reading

World Read Aloud Day is a “celebration of the power of reading aloud to create community, to amplify new stories, and to advocate for literacy as a foundational human right.”

As creators of books for young readers, many members of CWILL BC are offering free 10-20 min. virtual readings in support of this wonderful cause.

While I’m more than happy to present to classrooms, library groups or book clubs of all ages, I write for ages 8+ (published YA + forthcoming MG), so for elementary school groups, I’d be happy to read from an age-appropriate Canadian children’s book that inspires me rather than my own work.

Shoot me a message at [email protected] to book a free 10-20 minute...
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Pop-Up Book Sale

Date: December 11, 2021

Time: 4pm - 7pm PST

Location: Academie Duello at 412 West Hastings, Vancouver, BC

Type: Book and Craft Sale + Live Reading

Fantastic BC small press Pulp Literature is hosting a local author book (+craft+art) sale in the super cool and spacious Academie Duello swordplay school space in Gastown and you need to check it out!

It’s open from 4-7 pm, and I’ll be rushing over after my workshops end at 5 in Coquitlam, so come say hi if you’re there after 6! My books will be stocked all event, and friends’ books you should definitely also pick up while you’re there include CWILLers Bryce Raffle, Cynthia Heinrichs, and Ellen Schwartz, plus Vancouver-area author Tanya Lisle!

Masks and vaccine passports will be required. It’s a large space, so crowding shouldn’t be...
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