Blind the Eyes, a YA dystopian dark fantasy by K.A. Wiggins


K.A. Wiggins writes YA Fantasy with an edge for ages 14 and up.

Expect more blood than kissing. #monstersandmagic

Her debut novel, BLIND THE EYES, launched in 2018. Join the newsletter to get an exclusive extended ebook sneak peek.

Kaie has been creating urban legends about witches in the back wood and fairies in the snow melt since she was seven years old. She writes prickly misfits challenging the borders of the mundane, inspired by current stars Brenna Yovanoff, Kendare Blake, and Laini Taylor, and fantasy legends J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, and Madeleine L'Engle.

Born in Vancouver, BC, she's lived all over Western Canada and in the Scottish Highlands, and currently freelances as a business writer and marketing consultant on the Canadian side of the Pacific Northwest.

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Blind the Eyes

Threads of Dreams Book One

When the cost of failure is death, disobedience isn't an option.

In a drowned city where hope kills and dreams are deadly, all haunted outcast Cole wants is to be the perfect Tower drone.

A year ago, she survived an encounter with the nightmarish Mara, who devoured her disobedience and left a troublemaking ghost behind as a reminder of her fate should they return. She's finally on the verge of erasing her failure when a charismatic rebel derails her plans and exposes the dark secret at the heart of her drowned homeland.

With the dead piling up at every turn, Cole will have to untangle the lies and choose between a charming but dangerous revolutionary, holy Tower regulation, the whispers of a spectre from her past, or the call of the child within.

The race is on to take back her choices and stop the dying before the nightmares eat her alive.

A not-quite-alive girl and her not-quite-dead ghost discover trusted authorities lie, allies have their own agendas, and even the monsters wear masks in a YA dystopian dark fantasy for ages 14 and up.

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Below the Surface

A Threads of Dreams Prequel

The twins’ bond kept them together through everything the Towers of Refuge could throw at them. But the secrets they discover below the waterline could sever their bond for good.

Coming soon: A dystopian dark fantasy that ranges from sterile towers to glittering clubs and abandoned tunnels, this prequel novella takes place less than a decade before Blind the Eyes and blends monsters and magic with near-future post eco-disaster cityscapes.

Threads of Dreams Book 2

Cole found the will to fight back. But, as the threat of the Mara grows, her newfound friends prove her greatest barrier to triumph.

What happens when you release the hero within--and find out she isn't you?

Coming in 2019.

Flame of the Connarii

Edana fights to lead her tribe through treacherous Otherworldly mists to a safe haven. Torchann, the wildcat-raised son of an extinguished race, struggles to remain master of his dying land.

Their worlds destroyed, their way of life threatened, can they unite, fight back, and survive, or will they each die alone?

A story about belonging & leading well. Tarzan meets Brave. YA fantasy. Serial webfiction updated Tuesdays. (on hiatus)

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Things Got Out of Hand

She should have died.

Then he moved in.

April prefers her own company, but when Henry saves her from a homicidal Nightmare and moves in, her days of peaceful solitude are over.

A story about monsters, heroes, and plans that change. Horror-flavoured-Rom-Com retelling of Blind the Eyes. Serial webfiction updated Fridays. (on hiatus)

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News & Updates

All About Covers Part 2

Nov 24, 2018

Welcome back to the book cover design miniseries! To recap:

What it’s like working with a cover designer

While designing my own covers was good practice and the outcome could have looked (much) worse, leaning too hard into a D.I.Y. ethos can be a mistake. I felt it was important to work with experts where appropriate—and design work (like editing) is one of those areas where it makes sense to recognize your own limitations and invest.

In this case, those limitations were both creative and technical. My artistic and Photoshop skills aren’t that finely honed,... Read more

All About Covers Part 1

Nov 23, 2018

Thanks to the team of lovely human beings at Kobo for shortlisting Blind the Eyes as one of this year’s top 10 Science Fiction & Fantasy covers!

You can check out the full list and vote in the public voting round until Nov. 30.

I started drafting a special cover edition of the newsletter and realized there was WAY too much content, so I’m breaking it out into a blog series instead!

First of all: shoutout to my amazing cover designer Regina Wamba who designed the published covers for the Blind the Eyes ebook, paperback, hardcover, and audiobook editions. I’ll link out to some of her content within this series to bring in the designer’s perspective, but mostly this will be from the author/publisher’s perspective.

Overdue Update

Nov 22, 2018

So, clearly I don’t update the site often enough. Just a heads-up if you dropped in looking for more interaction: I’m on social media at least weekly and even the newsletter goes out more often than I post here, so stalk accordingly. (links in the sidebar)

That said, I’m going to try to get a little more content up on here. Some stuff you mighta missed over the last 4 (!!) months:

  • Hardcovers are OUT!! They look rad, and you can request paperbacks or hardcovers from your local library, indie bookseller, trade bookseller, or shop online at your preferred bookstore.

  • The next release (Under the Surface) has been delayed, but it’s still coming! It’s a prequel novella (assuming I can keep the wordcount under control) and newsletter subscribers at the time of release will get it in ebook format for FREE because y’all are amazing. But... Read more

Paperback Proofs are HERE

Jun 19, 2018

They’re so pretty!!!

The first proofs just arrived and they look great! I’m celebrating with a giveaway on Instagram, check it out here.

Blind the Eyes first proofs and giveaway

And if you’re not on IG, you might want to head on over to the newsletter! 99% chance there’s gonna be a paperback giveaway in subscribers’ future~ ;D

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Achievement Unlocked!!

Jun 13, 2018

B&N Press Presents

I’m super excited to announce that Blind the Eyes has been handpicked by the Barnes & Noble Press team for the Summer 2018 B&N Press Presents list!

As a creator, it’s always awesome to get a vote of confidence from a respected source like this. Blind the Eyes is on a special sale to celebrate, and it’s in some great company, so why not head over to check out the list and pick up a few summer reads while you’re at it?

Here are a few I’m most excited for:

Running with the Wolves by J.E. Reed

Another dystopian fantasy crossover with nightmare monsters–it’s this summer’s epidemic!

Chronopoint was only meant to be a game, but Kiuno finds herself trapped in that world.

As hideous, twisted monsters only seen in nightmares plague her every move,... Read more

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