Spring Update 2024

Publishing news and updates by K.A. Wiggins

01 Apr 2024

Whole pile of news to get through (overdue, yet again! ^_^;) so let’s dive right in:

  • Short fiction is booming! I’ve got a first sale & reprint licensed to Pulphouse for their summer edition(s?), a flash to Lightspeed for later this year, and recent releases from Mysterion and The NoSleep Podcast. Plus a couple more honorable mentions from Writers of the Future Awards to round things out.

  • Long fiction is . . . stalled. Mainly because I have about 400% more demands on my time than waking hours (sigh.)

  • Teaching & events are also booming—had a great time talking all things short fiction for StoryStudio’s teen writers recently and I’m just headed back for the second half of this term’s creative writing workshop intensives, and will be presenting at the BC Library Association Conference and Surrey Teachers’ Association Convention in roughly a month, but had to turn down an invite to the Fraser Valley Young Authors’ Conference due to a scheduling conflict.

  • It’s that time again—IndieApril promos abound! Pricing (including free) confirmed on Kobo, Apple Books, & Google Books as of today. If you prefer a different storefront, do check back later in the week/month—it can take some time to price match across different storefronts:

– (FREE) BOY WITH NO NAME: When the dreamwealking threadwitch the shadow prince of Refuge’s dissolute underground has been obsessed with since boyhood vanishes, he risks all the power he’s begged, borrowed, and stolen to get her back.

– (FREE) LETTER FROM THE END OF THE WORLD: When a young mother’s mission to stop the end of the world is hijacked by tragedy, she signs on for an eternity of sacrifice in defiance of the monstrous intelligence possessing her dying city.

– (FREE) THE UNSOUGHT LIGHT: Duty and desire collide in a war that threatens to bring down an unwilling bride-to-be’s family, clan, and village in ancient (gothic-fantasy) Japan.

– ($0.99) BLIND THE EYES: When a young rebel offers a haunted outcast the chance to escape her rule-bound existence, he proves an even more deadly distraction than the monsters overrunning her drowned city.

– ($0.99) MUD MONSTERS & REVELATIONS: A young dreamwalker and his comrades battle monsters, a toxic legacy, and a tainted future to bring back a long-lost friend (…or maybe more?) taken by the hungry shadows.

  • The awesome Kidlit4Ceasefire auction in support of Gaza, Sudan, Congo & The Little Miss Flint water filter fundraiser is already nearly halfway to its goal! I’ve donated a complete (paperback) set of the Threads of Dreams trilogy, a signed first edition of the Blind the Eyes hardcover, and an exclusive “ask me anything” (AMA) call—and there are over 350 (amazing!) auction items from other artists for readers, writers & art lovers to bid on here!

The AMA could be great for anyone with questions related to:

  • Short fiction writing/revising/tracking/submissions/publishing (I’m multi-awarded, multi-published in pro-rate outlets & have given workshops on the topic!)

  • Any publishing-related questions, really, especially related to the kidlit world (I lead a 160+ member professional society of children’s authors & illustrators and speak widely at conferences, festivals & institutions on the topic!)

  • Creative writing/editing/plotting/structure (I’ve been teaching intensive workshops for years now, multi-published, multi-awarded, just might be able to offer the tips you need—I’m nonjudgmental and focused on centering your goals)

  • Happy to chat with readers/teachers/librarians/etc. too if the winning bid comes from a non-writer who wants to use it for something like a book club or classroom visit!

This is the first time I’ve made this kind of access available to the public. Usually you’d need to attend a workshop or industry conference (or be part of CWILL, I try to carve out a little time for them too lol), so it’s a great opportunity to get your burning questions answered and support a fantastic cause at the same time. (& there are a number of other authors, artists & industry professionals offering AMAs if you’re seeking different expertise, too!)

Browse the auction now!

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