Black the Tides is Here!!

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26 Aug 2020


More ghosts. More monsters. More existential angst.

Now with bonus nature walks & next-level torment & suffering (mosquito bites! blisters! attack of the snapping turtles!) 😂

In all seriousness, I’m super excited for you all to read it. But just a heads-up: the twist in this one is KILLER. Don’t hate me~ 😈

Buy Black the Tides today from your favourite online bookstore: Choose Your Store

I’ll be posting quotes and featured content to celebrate all day on Twitter, so if you’ve got time, come hang out and share the excitement!

Haven’t read book 1 yet?

Blind the Eyes is on $0.99 special to make it easy to get started with the series! Grab your copy here: Choose Your Store

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