COVID-19 Response

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27 Mar 2020

TBH it’s hard to know what to say or how best to respond. As a writer and freelancer, my lifestyle already looked a lot like self-isolation, except for creative writing workshops and speaking engagements, so for the moment, it’s (almost) business-as-usual. I’ll be working on sequel rewrites, keeping up newsletters and book marketing efforts, and priotizing freelancing a little more than I had been to make up shortfalls.

But I know a ton of people are going through a tough time financially or have lost their jobs entirely, at least during the regional lockdowns. I don’t have enough of a backlist built up to offer much for free, but here’s a list of libraries and subscription services where you can find ebooks of Blind the Eyes:

I’m also offering coupons on ebooks to try to keep reading material accessible for those who don’t use library or subscription services.

-Use AGB60 to get 60% off at Smashwords until the end of May -Use BNPESCAPE75 to get 75% off at Barnes & Noble until the end of May

And, for those of you who’ve suddenly become homeschoolers (especially you BC parents without school support!), I’m open-sourcing some teaching materials from my creative writing workshops. They’re tested on ages 8-12, but you could easily scale up or down a few years for maybe a couple hours of edutainment. ;D

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