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24 Jun 2019

UPDATED June 24, 2019

Read On the Edge for FREE courtesy of Enchanted Conversation Magazine!


Just a quick update today: one of my stories got accepted by a literary magazine! Okay, it’s really more of a genre ‘zine, but either way!

It might seem like a weird thing to get excited about at this point in my career, but it’s actually a first for me. I’ve had short stories win contests, indie-published, and licensed for translation (and published long-form fiction), but I’ve never actually submitted to a publication before.

Even more excitingly, the story was picked up by the very first place I submitted to! (They called it “exceptional and lyrically beautiful!!”)

You can read On The Edge in Enchanted Magazine’s June 2019 edition. It’s an NA horror/dark fantasy faery story about walking on water, adulthood & escaping reality in the Scottish Highlands and the ending is possibly my favourite thing written to date.

Hidden paths and ancient ruins! Creatures beneath the waves! ALLLL the millennial angst. Very On Brand #monstersandmagic ✨

Also, it’s inspired by my actual adventures in the UK. Up to you to guess which parts~

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