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26 May 2022

My debut novel, Blind the Eyes, dropped June 1, 2018. It’s been an absolute whirlwind of a ride ever since. Some things I’d hoped for never turned out; other things I’d never even dreamed of came out of the woodwork.

I’d planned to mark the occasion with something small—a new cover for Under, my subscriber-exclusive series prequel novella. Maybe a little giveaway.

But the redesign looked so awesome, I couldn’t help myself:

So, yeah, buckle up for a complete series relaunch:

  • A brand-new trilogy collection “box set” ebook drops June 1. (Get the collection here)
  • The new edition of Blind the Eyes launches the same day. (Get the new BTE edition here.)
  • Black the Tides is scheduled for July 6. (Preorder here.)
  • Burn the Skies will relaunch in August (Links coming soon.)
  • and the short fiction titles will hit stores throughout the fall (but newsletter subscribers can grab their copies now!) (Subscribe here.)

Thanks for your patience as I work through these updates—pages and links might be a little wonky in the transition (and the reason everything doesn’t drop June 1 is there’s a ton of work on the backend to get all the pieces in play.)

Also, don’t miss the giveaway!

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