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24 Feb 2022

It’s been another few whirlwind months in writing land and, uh, the rest of the world, too. Wild times!

Popping in today to say I’m excited to be leading a discussion on writing YA speculative (/fantasy) for the teen writers group of Story Studio tonight! I LOVE chatting with teen writers, and so rarely get the chance (so much programming is targeted for younger age groups, for some reason.)

In the spirit of transparency, ease of access, and making life easier for all of us, here are my slides/notes: Students, access slides/notes here!

If you’re not familiar with Story Studio, they’re a Victoria (BC)-based charity that provides free and low cost writing programming, resources, and contests for kids and teens across Canada. Check out their site for all the awesome details!

Also: I filmed a mini preview for TikTok if anyone’s interested in watching me be awkward on camera for three-ish minutes. :D

In other news:

  • I’m teaching a term-length (remote) “novel”-writing workshop for kids in Korea this spring + a week long writing (remote) spring break writing “magic-house-sitting adventure” camp for kids in White Rock using Diana Wynne Jones’s House of Many Ways and now all I want to do is write about wizards and magical buildings . . .

  • I’m speaking at the BC Library Association’s Youth Services divisions mini conference in April on collaborations between librarians and local children’s authors

  • I’m chasing down some leads on behalf of CWILL BC around potentially creating books for kids with language-based learning difficulties

  • I’ll be at the Vancouver Children’s Literature Roundtable (VCLR)’s Mad Hatter Tea Party next month—join VCLR to get in on this fun event for free!

  • Cave Story WIP is coming along well in the sense that it’s fun, complete, and off to beta readers. Do I have time to revise and submit or set up for preorders? hahahAHAHAHahahahahaNo, but maybe one day . . .

So, yeah, busy-busy-busy as usual, with more, very fun, upcoming news that I can’t quite share yet, but stay tuned!

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