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14 Dec 2023

So, yeah, six+ months since the last update, probably a good moment to remind folks that my newsletter goes out every second Monday if y’all want to hear from me more often.😅

Also, before I drop my release list, if you like speculative fiction but have limited reading time, Sonia Sulaiman has put together a great reading list of Palestinian spec-lit that’s really worth a look instead.

Quick round-up of 2023 publications for awards’ eligibility & end of year reading list purposes:

1. Children of Earth

2,900 words in FANTASY MAGAZINE Issue 90 (April 2023)

Eco-anxiety takes on a life of its own in a body-horror-riffic romcom about a goblin-mode girl, toenail cryptids & a shared compost bin.🌿 This one goes out to all the desperate Millennial renters~😘

Read (or listen) free online here.

2. Castoffs

2,000 words in THERE’S NO PLACE (Renaissance Press, October 2023)

A washed-up rockstar searches for home, hope & escape from fae-cursed hunger amidst the wreckage of the career she stole from under the hill and over the sea.

My entry in this Canadian small press anthology on housing insecurity/homelessness is an alternate/experimental retelling of “A Song of Dark Things” and the upcoming SONGSTRESS WIP, which mash up Scottish Folklore “The Fiddlers of Tomnahurich” “Thomas the Rhymer” & “Tam Lin” with end stage capitalism, artistic angst & female rage.

The full ebook/paperback just launched, but send me a message at [email protected] to request a review copy of the story.

3. Spectres of the Old World “Micro-Trilogy”

A fast-paced, time-skip NA/YA Dystopian Fantasy of loss, destiny & inter-generational trauma in an eco-punk, post-apocalyptic world overrun by monsters. Spinoff of/parallel timeline to the THREADS OF DREAMS series.

This “micro-trilogy” of novelettes adds up to a novella (28,000 words) and is free to read in KU or send me a message at [email protected] to request a review copy.

General Information:

All releases lean more fantasy than horror (but generally crossover with dark fantasy/gothic or weird horror). “Children of Earth” and “Spectres” include SF elements. “Children of Earth” is the most accessible (& fun) of the lot, while also having the most body horror. (Funny how that works . . .) Wordcounts are given for each. I’m Canadian, so all works are eligible for the Auroras, as well as speculative awards like the Nebulas & Hugos (& Stoker? IDK if any are horror enough this year . . .) My work is NOT eligible for the Ignyte awards. Thanks for checking them out! :)

That’s it for new releases from me this year (unless there are any late-breaking surprises👀) BUT you can find everything existing & announced on this site under the Available Now & Coming Soon sections of the home page—already three short pieces under contract or accepted for next year, with Submission Grinder stats looking promising for another few in short order~

As a general recap, it’s been a weird year. Some high points—lots of new milestones in terms of short fiction publishing, speaking, etc.—but also it’s getting harder to stay focused and keep moving forward as the rest of the world unravels in spectacular fashion around us. So, yeah, no new novels this year! Better luck next year . . .😅

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