Birth of a Micro-trilogy

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08 Jan 2023

Escape the past. Save the girl. Take back the future.

A century after Dreamfall scorched the earth and woke its merciless protectors, Spectre squad’s first unsupervised mission is boring as dirt. After all, they’re dream walkers—ecologists and healers, not soldiers.

But when second-in-command Ghost saves a strange girl from sea monsters, they stumble across a secret that shatters the foundations of their society and will change all their lives—if they survive to tell the tale.

The fate of the world rests on the shoulders of one boy desperate to escape his destiny.

Spectres of the Old World Part 1: Mud Monsters & Revelations is a fast-paced YA Dystopian Fantasy of loss, destiny, and inter-generational trauma in an eco-punk, post-apocalyptic world overrun by monsters.

This novelette-length adventure ends in a mild cliffhanger and kicks off a three-part YA Dystopian/Post-Apocalyptic Romance “micro-trilogy” in the same world (parallel timeline) as the Threads of Dreams trilogy (featuring “Ash” as the crossover protagonist.) Spectres of the Old World stories can be read as a standalone series or, due to spoilers, following Burn the Skies.

Spectres of the Old World are Kindle Unlimited (Amazon) exclusive releases:

**Part 1: Mud Monsters & Revelations Part 2: Rattlesnakes & Nightmares (23/01/24 Part 3: Sedition & Sea Monsters (23/02/06)**


. . . Which begs the question “what is a micro-trilogy?”

When I relaunched the Threads of Dreams series in 2021 with the fifth-anniversary edition covers, I missed two titles: Under and Spectres of the Old World

Under was launched in 2019 as an exclusive novella release for my newsletter subscribers and is still available as a free download. (I’m working on a small glow-up and planning a wide release for later this year.)

Spectres is brand new. The only completely new release in the Threads of Dreams extended story world since Burn the Skies wrapped up the main trilogy in 2020.

I actually wrote Spectres a couple years ago and . . . just didn’t find the right moment to release it.

Or maybe knew, at some level, that it wasn’t quite finished.

Because it started as a short story that turned into a long short story—a novelette. And then hit a time-skip and turned into another novelette. And hopped past another chunk of time into the unwritten future of Cole and Ash and the gang where, you guessed it, another whole novelette’s-worth of adventures unfolded themselves.

So I had a novella’s-worth of story on my hands, split into three roughly-even parts, two of which ended on mild cliffhangers, the second darker than the first . . .

Sounds awfully like your classic three-act structure—or a fantasy trilogy.

At the same time, I’d been meaning to play rapid release strategies and KU. So this is a bit of an experiment, allowing the story to follow it’s own natural structure while giving readers an episodic mini-series sort of reading experience. Hopefully it’s fun! And, at some point in the future, I’ll probably pull Spectres from KU and give it a more standard wide-release in novella form. :)

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