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13 Aug 2019

Surprise! One of my stories got picked up for an anthology by Fiction-Atlas Press (coming out next month already!!! 😱)

A Song of Dark Things is a contemporary dark fantasy inspired by the Scottish fairytales Thomas the Rhymer & The Fiddlers of Tomnahurich and my own travels at the edge of the (old) world. ✨

Blurb “A Highland teen desperate to escape her smalltown existence makes a deal with the fae to achieve her dreams of stardom, only to discover her heart’s desire comes at an unexpected cost.”

I’m super excited about this story—it’s especially perfect for all of you who loved On the Edge; unsettling and creepy and gorgeous. 💖💖💖

But because it’s an anthology, you don’t just get my weird take on devil’s bargains, you get another NINE amazing speculative stories about stepping into other worlds! 🎉

You can preorder Unknown Worlds now at any online bookstore and your ebook will be automatically delivered on October 28th!

Not into ebooks? Paperbacks should hit stores soon (I’ll update with links when I have ‘em!)

Expanded blurb:

Lee would sell her soul to be a rockstar, but no one’s buying. Well, no one around here, anyways. There’s little trade on the Morar Peninsula, and the holiday goers cluttering up the view show precious little interest in her soul. They’re more interested in a romantic highland getaway, clean rooms, and a view of the sea.

Doesn’t matter. She has a plan, and a prospective buyer lined up. Though, if everything goes right, the Folk will deliver her heart’s desire at a much better price. She hopes to trade a night at best, a year at a bargain, and if it takes a century, well. That can be arranged.

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