Kicking Off 2020

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09 Jan 2020

SO MUCH going on as we head into a new year (could it because it’s been six months since I last updated you? Maybe? Who really knows??)

Anyway, here’s the rundown:


The next installment of Threads of Dreams didn’t make it for 2019, but it did get written.

Look forward to more hauntings, more monsters, more revelations, and a bonus roadtrip to the BC interior.

Revisions, a lot of research as the adventure heads out of the city, and a few rounds of editing lie ahead, but I hope to keep things moving and work on book 3 when book 2’s off for editing this year because y’all are gonna hate me if I leave you hanging with its ending for another two years.


I’ll be getting out of the house more in 2020, with several IRL events already on the book (here’s a page where you can keep track of them all!). Briefly:

  • Writing & Illustrating Kids Books: The Inside Story. Vancouver, Feb. 3, 2020. More details here.

  • World Read Aloud Day Live Readings. Burnaby, Feb. 5, 2020. More details to come.

Aaand speaking of getting out of the house:


My head is still spinning, this got arranged so fast . . . but I’m officially the newest storytelling mentor with Creative Writing for Children Society!

They’re a local nonprofit that runs after-school/weekend creative writing workshops for ages 8 and up all around the Greater Vancouver/Lower Mainland region (and, occasionally, overseas.) Term-length workshops end with the kids self-publishing a short book or anthology.

I’ll be running a creativity-in-storytelling anthology workshop in White Rock starting next week (😱) so that’s going to be busy for a bit until I get it sorted. If you have kids interested in doing more creative writing, definitely get in touch with them to see if there’s an upcoming workshop in your area!

Actual Publishing News (?)

You’ll see some familiar stories popping up later this year with a new look.

I did a little clean-up on both On the Edge and A Song of Dark Things and they’re pending consideration for a magazine and anthology project respectively.

A few other short stories, new and old, are under submission as well, and I got the news just last night that Castoffs is pending consideration for a magazine that does print/ebook/audio. Can’t wait for you guys to read it (hope it finally sells!) since it’s so utterly unlike anything I’ve put out before. Kind of weird horror, if that’s a genre? Or dark comedy-fantasy?

An alternate cover for Blind the Eyes is also underway. It’s an experiment to see what a less-creative-more-genre-aligned cover might do on digital storefronts (which are a bit of their own beast when it comes to such things), so look forward to a new/old cover reveal in the next edition!


Just added a new IRL retail location, if you’re into supporting indie bookstores and/or shopping local.

You can now find signed paperbacks of Blind the Eyes at Hemingway’s Books & Records** in Abbotsford, BC.

That seems like more than enough for now! As always, you’ll get news a little faster if you join me on social or sign up to the newsletter! :)

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