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31 Mar 2019

Letter from the End of the World

Before her deal with the devil, Maryam Ajera was . . . anything but ordinary. Read the letter she can never send to the son she can never acknowledge confessing the true story of their world before its fall.

Brilliant academic, driven professional, cynical wife, and reluctant mother, Maryam Ajera’s ambition knows no bounds. She’ll sacrifice whatever it takes to rise to the top. But when her secret mission to stop the end of the world gets hijacked by tragedy, the monstrous intelligence possessing her dying city forces her to choose between surrendering her life or signing on for an eternity of sacrifice.

In a city overrun by monsters, she’s not the only one who’ll pay the cost.

Discover the unexpected villain origin story of the unearthly Mayor of the Towers of Refuge in this short spinoff to the Threads of Dreams series. Suggested as a companion read, this short story covers events leading up to Blind the Eyes and can also be enjoyed as a standalone.

Letter from the End of the World launched on January 31, 2019 and it is a Kindle Unlimited exclusive short story/flash fiction title, so you can only get it on Amazon (at the moment).

Short Story Letter from the End of the World/Lettera dalla fine del mondo by K.A. Wiggins

Now Available in Italian

I’m also very excited to announce that Italian language ebook rights for this title have been licensed to international publisher Virgibooks, Inc. The Italian translation, Lettera dalla fine del mondo, hits Amazon stores today!

Since this is a short read, print editions are not planned at this time.

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