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04 Jan 2021

Good news: I wrapped up the zero draft of the third and final Threads of Dreams book in early December, which means it’s time for a #TitleReveal:

In the city of nightmares, death is far from the end.

Who knew a ghost could get up to so much trouble? Cole’s never been in a worse bind. But her continued existence, such as it is, is far from the only thing at risk.

If she can’t find a way to keep the Mara from being unleashed by the one person she never could have imagined, not only her city, but the whole world will be devoured.

In this thrilling conclusion to the Threads of Dreams trilogy, the spark of revolution is lit—and even a drowned city can burn.

Look for the #CoverReveal in early June & a midsummer launch date. You can also preorder now! or add on Goodreads.

(Preorders default to Dec. 2021 until production delivery dates confirmed.)

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