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22 Nov 2018

So, clearly I don’t update the site often enough. Just a heads-up if you dropped in looking for more interaction: I’m on social media at least weekly and even the newsletter goes out more often than I post here, so stalk accordingly. (links in the sidebar)

That said, I’m going to try to get a little more content up on here. Some stuff you mighta missed over the last 4 (!!) months:

  • Hardcovers are OUT!! They look rad, and you can request paperbacks or hardcovers from your local library, indie bookseller, trade bookseller, or shop online at your preferred bookstore.

  • The next release (Under the Surface) has been delayed, but it’s still coming! It’s a prequel novella (assuming I can keep the wordcount under control) and newsletter subscribers at the time of release will get it in ebook format for FREE because y’all are amazing. But it won’t stay free forever, so def. get those subscriptions in!

  • I’m trying out a weekly newsletter format with feature content, some of which may make its way over to this blog space eventually. Planned topics include the recap edition (photojournal/apology for where I’ve been for the last few months), the cover edition, the library edition, the plotting edition, and the character edition (and maybe one on worldbuilding? or edition? who knows!)

  • Also re: the newsletter, I do featured reviews and bookish shoutouts with every edition, so if you want to recommend a book to the other subscribers or feature your feed, sign up & give me a shout.

I try not to spam the NL list all the time, so if you’re really keen on hearing about sales, follow me on social media or on a specific bookstore for alerts.

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