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    Feb5 WRAD Burnaby Live Reading

    17 Jan 2020

    World Read Aloud Day Event

    Date: February 5, 2020

    Time: 6:30-8:45 pm

    Location: Bob Prittie Metrotown Branch Library (6100 Willingdon Avenue, Burnaby by Metrotown Stn.)

    Type: Live Reading, Book Fair, Signing

    CWILL BC authors and/or illustrators will take turns reading aloud from their recent works in support of World Read Aloud Day. Copies will be available on site for sale.

    Feb3 Writing and Illustrating Kids Books Vancouver

    16 Jan 2020

    Writing & Illustrating Kids Books: The Inside Story

    Date: February 3, 2020

    Time: 7-8:30 pm (6:30 signing/bookfair)

    Location: Central Library Branch, Montalbano Family Theatre, Level 8 (350 West Georgia St., Vancouver)

    Type: Panel Discussion, Q&A, Book Fair, Signing

    Interested in writing or illustrating books for young readers?

    Join six professional children’s authors and illustrators to find out how they broke into this exciting and competitive field and built their careers.

    Ask questions and get practical information on topics such as how to improve your writing, how to find a publisher and submit your work, what agents do, what to look for in a book contract, and what the financial rewards are.

    Meet authors Glen Huser, Cynthia Nugent, Ellen Schwartz, Carol Watterson, K.A. Wiggins and Pam Withers and get a book signed starting at 6:30 P.M.

    In partnership with CWILL BC.

    Full details here.

    Sep29 WORD Vancouver Writing Fest

    01 Sep 2019

    WORD Vancouver Writing Festival

    Date: September 29, 2019

    Time: 10am-5pm

    Location: Central Library Branch, Plaza (350 West Georgia St., Vancouver, BC)

    Type: Book Fair, Writing Festival

    I’ll be staffing the CWILL BC exhibitor’s table at this year’s WORD Vancouver festival all day, so drop by to learn more about what we offer for BC-based authors and illustrators of children’s books, or pick up a great new local picture book, chapter book, middle grade or YA novel and get it signed on the spot!

    Meet me in Mumbai!

    10 Apr 2019

    Orchids Literary Fest Mumbai

    Looking to get a book signed at the festival? Paperback editions of Blind the Eyes are available in India for Rs.650.00+shipping at Pothi and NotionPress.

    I will be teaching a masterclass, participating in panel discussions, and leading sessions on three topics (descriptions below). Check the schedule for last minute changes and updates.

    Download: Useful resource links

    Getting Started as a Young Writer (PPT Notes)

    Young writers can benefit greatly from sharing their work. Learn about some of the best ways to get started, whether you’re ambitiously building a career, or recreationally enjoying the wonderful community and creativity of writing.

    This session will discuss identifying your goals, types of writing you should try or focus on, and where to start sharing your work.

    Masterclass: From Scribbles to Prints (PPT Notes)

    Getting a book from concept to store shelves is a massive undertaking! Writing is just the beginning: learn about traditional and independent pathways to publishing your work.

    This masterclass will discuss choosing your direction, understanding the business of writing, and the practical steps involved in taking a book from concept to completion in a traditional or independent market, as well as introducing some key resources.

    Worldbuilding for Storytellers (PPT Notes)

    Whether you’re writing magical otherworlds, dystopian futures, or contemporary, realistic fiction, worldbuilding is a key art to master.

    This session will offer a quick overview of the role worldbuilding plays in stories, how to craft a compelling story world, and how to integrate worldbuilding into your story without getting overwhelmed.

    2:30-3:00 Magic & Monsters (PPT Notes)

    Why do we write fantasies, paranormal, and horror stories? How do stories—especially “unrealistic” ones—help us in our own lives?

    This session will discuss the role fiction and storytelling has in society and for individuals.

    Original Post: March 4, 2019:

    I’ve been invited to speak at the Orchids Literary Fest in Mumbai!

    It’s being held April 18-20 at Orchids The International School, Malad campus, so if you’re in the area, come say hi. :)

    It’s a children’s literature fest, but there will be panels, workshops, and opportunities to connect across various storytelling mediums and for all ages. Plus, it’s free to attend!

    I’ll post an update when the full schedule has been pinned down (including which sessions I’m in!), but so far there are local and international actors, dancers, visual artists, and—of course—writers attending.

    Take a look for yourself at: