Feb2 WRAD Virtual Reading

Events with K.A. Wiggins

01 Dec 2021

World Read Aloud Day Online

Date: February 2, 2022

Time: 9-10am - 12:30-9pm PST

Location: your classroom, library, or book club via Zoom (or similar)

Type: Live Reading

World Read Aloud Day is a “celebration of the power of reading aloud to create community, to amplify new stories, and to advocate for literacy as a foundational human right.”

As creators of books for young readers, many members of CWILL BC are offering free 10-20 min. virtual readings in support of this wonderful cause.

While I’m more than happy to present to classrooms, library groups or book clubs of all ages, I write for ages 8+ (published YA + forthcoming MG), so for elementary school groups, I’d be happy to read from an age-appropriate Canadian children’s book that inspires me rather than my own work.

Shoot me a message at [email protected] to book a free 10-20 minute reading + author visit on February 3, 2021!