Who's your publisher?

20 Mar 2018

Snowmelt & Stumps is an independent single-author imprint with no formal business status. It’s used as a matter of convenience in lieu of author name if/when a publisher or imprint field is required.

Blind the Eyes and all other in-progress and completed works on this site are copyrighted by K.A. Wiggins, unless otherwise marked.

Italian language ebook rights to Letter From the End of the World have been licensed to Virgibooks, Inc. The translated edition is Lettera dalla fine del mondo.

A number of titles (short fiction, mainly) has been licensed for publication in anthologies or magazines as noted on the Standalones or specific series page, and in the Bibliography on the About page..

For all rights and licensing enquiries, please email [email protected].

Blind the Eyes is a 100% indie title written and produced with independent or hybrid publishing in mind.

Though I’ve sinced also worked with small presses, magazines, podcasts, etc. as a hybrid-published author, I’ve found independent publishing to be a great option. Going indie means operating your own micro-sized publishing company, and I’ve had the great fortune to work with awesome professionals on every stage of bringing Blind the Eyes and other titles to life. If you’re looking for support with your own ventures, I highly recommend every name on this list.

Lisa Poisso

Developmental Editing Round 1 on Blind the Eyes

Developmental Editing Round 2 on Blind the Eyes

Substantive/Line Edit on Blind the Eyes

Plot Accelerator on Black the Tides

Plot Accelerator on Burn the Skies

Catherine Milos

Proofread on Blind the Eyes

Copy Edit with Developmental Notes on Black the Tides

Copy Edit with Developmental Notes on Burn the Skies

Regina Wamba

First Edition Cover Design (“Tower” variant) of Blind the Eyes

Christian Bentulan of Covers by Christian

Digital and Print Cover Design on the Second Edition (2020 update/”Girl” variant) of Blind the Eyes

Digital and Print Cover Design on the First Edition of Black the Tides

Digital and Print Cover Design on the First Edition of Burn the Skies

In-house modifications have since been made to all three designs (as per licensing agreement.) The third (current) edition of book 1/second editions of book 2 and remaining books in the extended series were also done in house (shoutout to Canva!)

Morgan Wright

Cover animations for Blind the Eyes (2nd Ed.), Black the Tides & Burn the Skies (1st Ed.)

Statement on generative “AI”:

As of 2024, no such thing as “artificial intelligence” yet exists. So-called “generative AI” are a scam run by tech “entrepreneurs” (grifters) on a customer base with little understanding of inputs or outputs involved. Simply (if reductively), they are advanced pattern-matching algorithms that draw on an inevitably stolen content base (artwork or literature, depending on format) to regurgitate a shiny but meaningless nightmare.

And while I, too, am in the business of regurgitating nightmares onto the (digital) page, I like to think there is at least some meaning involved in the form. A smidge of intelligence, even. Also, no theft. And somewhat less environmental damage (the energy and water use required for gAI is horrendous).

So. I have not and will not be (knowingly) using gAI in the production of my work (text or art). I encourage you to follow suit and boycott the grifters pushing that nonsenseware until they slink off and stop hastening the final stages of the climate apocalypse—it’s coming for us soon enough as it is.

Let’s keep making (bespoke, human, at least mildly intelligent) weird stuff—and, if the mood strikes you, I’d appreciate it if you kept buying my weird stuff too!