Do you offer review copies?

21 Mar 2018

If you’re a book blogger, reviewer, or bookstagrammer, first of all, you rock & I wish I could take photos even half as well as you. :D

Review Policy

On Reviews

I believe reviews are for readers, not authors!

On a practical level, by the time reviews are being left, it’s really too late to make changes and the author has moved on—sometimes by a matter of months or years.

On a creative level, one of the things new creators have to learn is that it’s very important not to let too many voices into your creative process and to understand the perspectives, qualifications, and purposes of those voices you do let in, which is why I work with experienced professionals and a few trusted first readers when it comes to shaping my stories.

Besides, there is no one right way to tell a story or shape a book, and feedback only really gives insight into individual reviewers’ tastes. ;)

What to Expect

I generally make an effort to avoid reading reviews entirely (occasionally I stumble across them by accident or sift through looking for great blurb inspiration or ad-copy) because it’s very important to me that you feel comfortable leaving an honest, unbiased review.

I never follow-up on store (or Goodreads) reviews in any way.

Social (Instagram, mostly) and blog posts will probably get a like/repost/boost/comment if I’m tagged, but I will never follow up on a negative review in any way.

(I mean, I hope you all love my stories, but even if that’s not the case, you never need to be scared of being honest!)

How to Request an ARC

The best time to request a review copy (/ARC) is up to two months before an upcoming new release, but I will consider all review copy requests and can add you to a list of interested reviewers at any time. A larger number of ebook review copies will be available compared to paperback, given cost, time, and technical constraints, but paperback ARCs are occasionally available.

If you would like to review one of my books, please email the details of your blog or other online presence and the book and format you are requesting.

I use BookSprout and StoryOrigin to coordinate pre-release ARCs when a new book is coming out, and you can also just follow me on BookSprout to get an automatic notification whenever a new review edition is available.

Unfortunately, I do have limits on my marketing budget and I also have to screen for book pirates, so not every applicant will be accepted, but do feel free to get in touch even if you’re a smaller/newbie/international reviewer—I want to support those starting out, too!

I welcome bloggers and reviewers from all countries; however, the ability to read and communicate in written English is a necessary requirement. (Reviewers interested in my translated works should contact the publisher directly to enquire about a review copy.)