Day 176

Spoiler Alert! May contain planning-stage plot/character details or other spoilers!

07 Mar 2017

Yesterday was pretty much a wash, and today’s not looking great either, but in the interest of not just totally dropping out of writing to nurse a cold, I’ll see if I can’t generate a little something while being hit by fever-induced hot flashes. Who knows, it could be the greatest writing yet!

In other news, my first giveaway experiment doesn’t seem to be of interest, but my new FB page is doing not terrible, and by that I mean that sharing it as myself not only got a little interest from FB friends, but there’s some other mystery folks following too, so that’s a plus. Will have to think about some custom content for it as it grows and experiment with what sort of interactions generate interest.

Another thought that I really don’t have time for right now; I wonder if I could rally some other indie authors, debut or otherwise, and put together a sort of compilation book as a giveaway, incentive sort of deal? First chapters of all debut books or short stories around a theme or something? Might be more work than its worth, but I keep hearing about the value of alliances and cross-promotion, and there’s a potentially altruistic bent that appeals to me… of course, it would be better if I’d just get into a writers group and make some actual connections first…

Also put in a proposal on a fairly significant SEO copywriting project that could generate income for next month. I feel like my chances aren’t great, since it was posted on a network that’s mostly full of low-rate second-language freelancers, but hey, it was good practice in writing proposals, since it’s been a while (lol). Yet another thing I need to get on; start bidding on projects for next month so my entire income isn’t riding on a book that I’ve yet to actually publish!


Start Time: 4 pm

Location: Abbotsford; home; couch

Drinking: Malbec

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