Day 52

Spoiler Alert! May contain planning-stage plot/character details or other spoilers!

15 Jan 2016

Contains affiliate links. I just started reading Melissa Marr’s Made for You, written in first person present! Awesome!

I got a couple chapters in before I even noticed, proving that it can be done!!

In other news, I just finished Laini Taylor’s Lips Touch: Three Times , which demonstrates how to wallow in adolescent excess and mortifyingly honest emotion to create something beautiful and magical. Mmmm.

Pain and beauty are so closely intertwined. I feel so hopeful, although, as always, it’s hard not to start comparing and wallowing in my own inferiority.

Got interrupted yesterday, so I’m just about to dive in to the next death scene. Also, realizing the value/necessity of expanding Ravel as a more significant villain; he’s sequenced, which opens the door for multiple Ravels fulfilling complementary roles. While Ravel1 is programmed to compulsively undermine the Tower, there could be an army of Ravels serving The Lady’s purposes. Clones? Children? Or does Ravel1 have more going on than he has shown so far?

Must remember in rewrites to circle back and sync up appearance notes, among other things. Also (thanks, Laini Taylor!) must really work on simile as well as metaphor and direct descriptions to flesh out Cole’s experience. Although, maybe Melissa Marr can demonstrate better how to do that effectively in first person present…

In theory, it should be possible to use metaphor and simile to illustrate (demonstrate? communicate?) Cole’s personality and evolving reality, but as it is, her lack of emotional awareness and depth, not to mention knowledge of the world, really limits the expressiveness that can be attributed to her…


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