Day 109

Spoiler Alert! May contain planning-stage plot/character details or other spoilers!

22 Jun 2016

Contains affiliate links. The amazing Rebel gave me this awesome contraption for travel yesterday: the Trtl Pillow . It’s a pillow. But also a scarf. Like a travel-pillow-scarf. Inventors are awesome. Keep innovating, all you creative problem solvers out there! Also in the trip-planning wins, my silk sleep sheet came in today. Hoping that it helps reduce the ick factor (and the potential for bedbugs) of travel and strange beds. Also, it’s pretty.

Despite having released the first chapter as a ‘preview’, I’m still concerned about its quality. World building vs. action being the key tension. Is there a compelling enough or authentic enough voice to carry readers through the info-dumps? Or is it too ‘talking-heads’-y? Guess I’ll loop back for one more scan through the first five before trying to push onwards. So running out of time!!


Start time: 7 pm

Location: bedroom

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