Day 89

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13 Apr 2016

Considering looking for a Junior Software Developer position in Scotland. It’s a step back, in seniority and pay, but not a huge one, and it would be interesting to experience the business world as the talent, as opposed to the support staff. Although, maybe it’s just as bad everywhere…

Still, if the hours aren’t too insane, that would give me reliable income, hopefully benefits (dental!), the ability to rent somewhere to live and have cash for travel (I assume junior staff get decent vacation time there, as it sounds like they’re a step ahead of Canada on that front), and the option to have my visa extended and stay in the country after my two years are up. Could even be fun…

But also distracting, as I haven’t really gotten that far with coding projects yet, and have a lot to learn. The priority is writing for now - and in a way, I should really just focus on writing, full stop. But business writing, blogging, marketing etc. are all kind of miserable… Well, it’s common to writing in general, but so many opinions and armchair critics! It gets exhausting trying to fit into someone else’s mould.

And speaking of armchair critics - I just heard a pretty scathing review of the Divergent series . Implausible reactions to extreme violence and embarrassingly simplistic inner thoughts, apparently.

I enjoyed the first movie, but haven’t read the books, so now I’m curious and a little worried. I’m pretty aware that there’s a lot of ‘inside’ stuff with pretty much everyone in Gold, and Cole gets especially emo…

Then again, I’m under the impression that Veronica Roth has done pretty well for herself, so a bad review (by a late 20-something boy) maybe isn’t all that telling. Not sure how I’ll deal with reviews; the best route may be to simply ignore them entirely… but I’m way too curious for that, and the tension of not knowing and trying not to care would probably make me sick. But crappy reviews will make me paranoid and anxious, so there’s really no winning. Feedback is necessary to improve, but a necessary evil. Bleagh.

Man, I really need to pick up the pace on the writing… Running out of time. Always running out of time… (and energy, and focus, and…)


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