Day 62

Spoiler Alert! May contain planning-stage plot/character details or other spoilers!

02 Feb 2016

Gah! Cole’s emoness is getting to me! She’s all in her head and making stupid moves and slowing down the progress, but I can’t seem to get her to pick the pace up! Quite a turnaround from when she was the only one that I felt comfortable writing.

Didn’t have a very productive day yesterday (but it was a Monday, so…) hopefully today I’m able to make a start on the platform building, or at least put in some time on the rewrites.

Thinking of launching a ‘behind the scenes’ portion of the site with stats, this journal-blog of emo goodness, writing notes, useful links, personal stats like a reading list… Could be painfully self-involved and tedious, or attract online abuse, which is never fun, or simply be a complete flop, but on the flip side, I do think it would be valuable to have resources like it online.

It’s information that I’d find valuable to have had access to as I started this process, like how Melissa Marr shared details of her experience, what she got paid etc. I can’t imagine following it step-by-step, but then I’m not the sort of person to enjoy reality TV either, so what do I know?

Building connection is a key component of having a strong, supportive following, as terrifying as that is. In many ways, I’d rather take the Lemony Snicket approach to writing and publish under an impersonal pseudonym, a character, but I’m afraid to risk that. I guess I could write under a character or persona, but then that makes this portion, among other things, harder to include without major redactions.

Part 2: And time for those edits!

I will now proceed to pretend that I didn’t just spend the last few hours intending to polish off some freelance posts and instead looking stuff up online.

Onward: Chapter 1!


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