Day 4

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08 Jun 2015

Oldhand Coffee Abbotsford

So first week: 3 days of writing, maximum of two hours in a sitting.

Not great, but not terrible for being half on vacation.

However, hours of doing nothing (Netflix…) don’t seem to be contributing to great creativity and midnight productivity as I had first assumed. Must find some other way of spending my days that doesn’t involve creativity or occupying my brain too greatly.

Solution: went out of town for the week to my parent’s place.

Pros: people to talk to all (/most of the) day, free food and entertainment, cats, air conditioning, no screaming, thumping children, less ability to lay around watching tv all day.

Cons: Abbotsford, full days with little time to be productive, +5 degrees heat or more.

They’ve offered to let me move home to conserve funds while I play author. Time to find out if I can survive that life, or if it’s back to the desk for me.


Start time: 3:00 pm

Location: Oldhand Coffee Shop

Drinking: Cortado (& free (!) blueberry earl gray scone!! Thanks guys :) )

Soundtrack: Soundtrack 70s/80s poprock

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