Day 79

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24 Mar 2016

As it so happens, I think we are going to switch out our second destination from Prague to Brussels despite/because of the terrorist attacks. It would be noble to say that we’re defying the oppressive nature of the enemy, but really, it’s because that destination is pretty cheap to fly in/out of, is pretty looking, might become even cheaper for tourists after the attacks, and we figure, now that it’s been hit, it’s not a likely target in the near future. More pragmatic than noble, but maybe the net effect is the same. Plus Rebel’s excited about Belgian beer… and waffles. It’s crazy how expensive flights are from Krakow to Prague! I have this idea that all these historic cities with their castles and museums and stuff will just meld into one anyways, so it’s kind of meaningless seeing one over the other…

I’m working on a portfolio page/micro-site with freeCodeCamp at the moment, which is great, but predictably, the more I learn about something, the more I realize how much there is to know and how far away that target is… so hard to keep up confidence and squash the imposter syndrome all the time! I’d really like to style myself as a guy, for coding work at least, but now that everything is so interconnected, I’d have to scrub my social media and fabricate a male persona with graphics/pictures somehow to make it work…

Is it a cop-out to erase my female identity in order to get treated and paid better? Am I giving up the fight? Or just recognizing and capitalizing on existing structures?

It would be an interesting trial to create a duplicate identity - build out a Google profile, LinkedIn account, Twitter, the works, and then bid for work under both personas and document the process. Like, I could credit my male alter-ego for building my website. Is that unethical? Illegal? Seems like bidding against myself could cause problems… Pretty anti-free market. If I fabricate work experience for my fictional male self, is that going to have a net negative effect? Would anyone ever even notice?

Note to self: make this happen. Sell the story to the Post or equivalent. Maybe a feature for Fast Co.? Although, I’m sure that someone’s already come up with this idea and put it into motion…

And yet again, must. stay. on. track. Finish this story. Beat it into something worth reading. Release to the outer world. Then dive into projects or other stories (I wonder if Orca books would publish a micro-novel on the topic? Hmm…)


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