Day 37

Spoiler Alert! May contain planning-stage plot/character details or other spoilers!

05 Nov 2015

So a bit stuck again; did some work on upcoming plot developments that should shape the next 1-4 chapters and also a bit of rewriting to repurpose an initial bit character (Morris2), rather than having to introduce even more named characters - there’s at least 3 more coming up in the next few chapters, and the cast is already huge, so…

Plot is surprisingly on target considering how freeform I’ve been with writing - there may actually be a passing resemblance by the time I’m done. Wild.

In other news, still obsessed with history and genealogy research, so that’s eating up lots of time. I’ve got a fair bit of chores and side work that I’ve been ignoring and that I should really clean up for general peace of mind and stress reduction, so I’ll dive into that next…


Start Time: 12:30 pm

Location: couch/living room

Drinking: water

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