Day 124

Spoiler Alert! May contain planning-stage plot/character details or other spoilers!

04 Oct 2016

“Hope is a waking dream.” - Aristotle, used in Jennifer Rush’s excellent “Altered”. Perfect. Not so perfect is the challenge I’m having tracking down a good indie-published YA book… the obvious writing and storytelling quality issues that I’ve come across in every one so far are really concerning. Is it really just that impossible to access quality editing support as an independent? My research efforts would seem to indicate that that’s the case - not much out there, at least on the surface. I can sort of see where people go wrong - it’s very tempting to think that what I can make, and the degree to which I can polish it is totally adequate. Very tempting to just get it out there. After all, the only thing holding me back is fear of my own blind spots. But is that foolish and limiting fear, or wisdom ringing the alarm? Unfortunately, I suspect the latter, and so will continue investing. I’d really prefer not to go the writer’s group route, but given the slow/lacking beta reader response rate and difficulty in tracking down quality editing services, it may prove the most expedient.

I think it’s time to review the dreaded feedback notes - all three of them (lol/tear). Contemplated a dram of whisky to fortify myself, but it’s a little early, and I want to get a solid day of work in, so I think I’ll be doing this cold…

Part 2

So that was exhausting. Two hours to get through another pass of the first chapter and review one beta reader’s comments. This is going to take forever - maybe I should be happy I don’t have much feedback to wade through? Or something. Unpleasant as the slogging pace and tedium of facing every one of my mistakes is, the feedback I do have so far has been excellent for clearly addressing concerns. Quality over quantity, I suppose…


Start time: 9:45 am & 1 pm

Mallaig: The West Highland Hotel, staff quarters block 1 the room beside 4, bed & the hotel lobby, armchair nook

Soundtrack: the Nashville soundtrack

Drinking: ginger lemon green tea with lemon

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