Day 160

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10 Feb 2017

Rewrites progress! #blindtheeyes

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More recycling content yesterday, which is nice because there’s some plot and characterization stuff coming up that definitely didn’t show up in the earlier drafts. I’m still conflicted over Ravel’s characterization; I’m not sure I’m getting him right. It’s all from Cole’s perspective, after all, which adds to the complexity, but at this early stage at the very least, he should be more appealing, despite the way that Cole finds him scary. Which is hard to communicate, like how do you write charisma from the perspective of someone who doesn’t really buy into it? The weight of world-building heading into the second act is huge as well, so it’s not fast going even when I can recycle large chunks of text. I think I need to circle back again today and look at Cole’s obsession with death. I have a feeling I’ve focused too much on the corporeal, when it’s important to communicate that what she’s really drawn to is the internal, the emotive sensation and curiosity about others that she can’t openly indulge in. So that’ll be interesting and time consuming. And, oh yeah, a fresh chapter of TGOoH is due today, which needs to both explain some stuff and move the action and character development/relationships forward. So, yay Fridays, lol.

I’m feeling more motivated again, though, after great feedback and interaction on IG/bookstagram! So exciting and hopeful to see people respond positively to my work! I should probably sit down and carve out some time soon to revisit my marketing plan and plot out what to do when - I have a feeling it’s past time to get Facebook launched, and putting some more focus into Twitter and Wattpad couldn’t hurt either. Goodreads is nearing 200 followers, which I feel like is pretty solid, and I could take another look at putting a page up for the book as soon as I sort out graphics and update the synopsis. Which is a crazy word, now that I look at it… and that’s my cue to get back to work!

Part 2

Spending the first of four hours on editing/revision of the last two+ chapters, then the rest of the time on an additional two seems to be a workable pattern (that eats up most of the day). Diving into Freedom and worldbuilding, plot development and angsty goodness!

Part 3

Yeah, it’s pretty much as slow working with existing text as writing fresh, but I’m impressed with how much more meaning I can pack into a scene with a plan in place! Making my bookmap was painful, and it’s probably still a little too vague, but I definitely appreciate having it at this point.


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