Day 203

Spoiler Alert! May contain planning-stage plot/character details or other spoilers!

25 May 2017

Slowly but surely catching up and getting back on track with stuff. Put in a long day yesterday and clawed my way up to Chapter 20 (1/3 done!), so if I can keep up a pace of 5 chapters/day until next Saturday and excluding Sundays, I’ll (just) make deadline. Which isn’t optimal, as that’s really just a thorough once-through, but I’m starting to wonder if that’s not how all books get published; less-than-optimally. And if, given more time, I’d really make much progress anyways…

I did rejig the bookmap for plot issues, so hopefully following that as closely as possible will make a big difference, and pay off as a worthwhile balance of investment, since it did take me weeks longer than I’d planned. Also sent off what I think are the final edits to my cover artist today, though it was super hard deciding on the fine-tuned direction. Struggling with the best blurb (and the inability to just go in and change it myself!!) as well as some art direction-y stuff. More brightness or less? Spikier tower or streamlined? Negative space ‘i’ or starburst? Head-spinning stuff, I tell ya.

Also finished Libba Bray’s brilliant second entry in the Diviners series. Makes me sad I’m not going more epic with a wider cast, but I do see how the added complexity could really sink me. After the overhyped debut of Caraval, I’m pretty aware of how hard writing something that will garner great reviews is going to be. Also read Scott Westerfeld’s Spill Zone, and was reminded yet again of how I wish writers would stick to novels. It’s cool and all, but the whole time I’m just thinking how much more enjoyable it would be as a novel, or even TV. While I enjoy the freedom of being home alone and doing things at my own pace, in my own way, at this stage I pretty much have worked out that there’s no benefit in productivity either way. Though, less distractions once I do force myself to get on the keyboard are a plus. As is the cat hyper-affection; I’d have gotten started hours earlier today if Soul hadn’t decided to climb into my lap first thing this morning and nuzzle his head and forepaws into my hand, effectively pinning me down for hours. Because of course.

So, here we go again. I’ll backtrack a chapter or two to make sure I didn’t rush past anything critical, than push for 5+ chapters today. The word count is still climbing, so that needs some attention, and I’m stuck with characterization for Ravel in particular - I think he needs to become more appealing, less disturbing early on, but getting that across is a whole ‘nother matter. Plus there’s something about reacting in the moment that I don’t think I’ve quite got down… or got down at all, lol. However, there have been a few good scenes that I was able to flesh out for world- and character-building purposes, as well as advancing the plot, so at least some good is coming of all this.


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