Day 19

Spoiler Alert! May contain planning-stage plot/character details or other spoilers!

19 Aug 2015

Broke my winning pattern today; selling (more) furniture on Craigslist, and not getting started first thing really throws me off, apparently. Start the week strong and trail off towards the weekend seems to be the plan of choice.

Despite that, I feel like I’m starting to really settle in to this and make progress. Cole is developing, the story is going off in weird directions, and everything is right in the(ir) world.

The experience of exxploring and discovering places and things (and people) you didn’t expect is better than pretty much anything. Like some sort of VR game, but smoother, more tailored to you. I think it’s part of why people write fanfics, to spend time with beloved worlds and people.

Not that I approve. The idea of someone writing fanfics about my world and my people is horrifying, lol. At least wait until after I’m dead!

Also, this coffee mixed with tonic is brilliant! Worth the crowd and spending a week’s (freelance) pay!

I’m worried about the length of my writing - I’ll hit 10K words by the end of the week (fingers crossed), which is more than 1/10 of the way if I follow the general industry guidelines (and I should…), and that’ll only be 5-ish chapters and hardly any real action yet!

Although, with worldbuilding, establishing characters and all, it probably takes more text to set it all up than it does to write action. Maybe? Hopefully?

I don’t feel in control of this thing at all, which on the balance may be a pretty good thing, lol.


Start Time: 3:30 pm

Location: Oldhand Coffee Shop

Drinking: Coffee tonic (+ Skolebrod)

Soundtrack: Epic Film Scores

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