Day 2

Spoiler Alert! May contain planning-stage plot/character details or other spoilers!

02 Jun 2015

I’m still exploring my new lifestyle. It feels like hitting reset, and not entirely in a good way. More of a “I kind of hope this file was saved recently and can be at least partially recovered, assuming I decide to go back to it” sort of way.

Which is to say, I didn’t trust my discovery yesterday that writing must be done outside the house and/or I don’t want to pay for writing space at this stage of the game. Thus, I spent the last 12+ hours watching TV and thinking about the possibility of going to the gym/going for a walk/moving off the couch/writing.

At 9 I finally rolled off the couch for a run. Now here I am, with the laptop open and most, if not all distractions temporarily silenced. Still panicking about the state of my life. Still bizarrely drawn to the idea of giving life to this story.

I don’t seem to have the ability to sketch out a plot in short form, but I did develop a synopsis of the first two chapters. This could take a while to build out the whole story. And I’m not too confident that I can frame up the whole thing and then go back and write to my own script.

Experience would seem to say that I’ll choose a different direction every time I dive in… But it’s a step forward from writing blind and getting lost somewhere in the first third of a story. And I feel like the concepts and structure are fairly solid right now.

Considering prologuing or alternating each chapter with a ‘death by dream’ for dramatic effect, at least for the first portion of the book. Too much? Could be good in a thriller/horror/mystery setup where I tease out the protag’s involvement.

It’s been 10 minutes. Time to review/revise (‘cause I can’t help it) and get another couple chapters plotted out. General notes page is still filling out with concepts and conceits, albeit a bit slower now. Should (hopefully!) start to gel soon…


Start time: 10:00 pm

Location: armchair/living room

Drinking: Laphroaig 10yr with a dash of Islay spring water

Soundtrack: dishwasher and unidentified electronic buzz. The upstairs folks are unusually silent; expect intermittent thumps, shrieks and heavy objects dragging

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