Day 159

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09 Feb 2017

Rewrites progress!

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Pretty cool that I was able to recycle almost two whole chapters from the last draft in yesterday’s rewrites, but apparently editing and rewriting existing text to work takes about as much time as creating new text, so it’s not like I’m really further ahead. I must be 25-30% through the book, if I’m actually on track with the book map, which is pretty pro for just over a week’s worth of work, but I’m suspicious of that estimate for various reasons… I think the middle/early Act 2 sequence of scenes and chapters may eat up a more-than-fair percentage of the wordcount because worldbuilding (though I could be wrong and there’s definitely some recycling opportunities there). Also, there’s a baby coming in a couple days, which may or may not change everything. So I haven’t made any travel plans, despite time racing on, and I haven’t really invested anything in the world outside of writing and reading and book-marketing. Haven’t gone to see my brother and pregnant sister-in-law. Haven’t met up with all my friends (and beta readers!) Haven’t even gone out for drinks and music or exercise or shopping or anything, hardly. Haven’t tracked down some freelance work because money. Which is actually pretty cool, in that I’ve been able to be so focused and productive, but I do feel guilty about just checking out of the world in order to do so.

However, the response to my ‘rewrites progress’ bookstagram yesterday was super amazing! Overall ‘likes’ are up across the board, and yesterday’s chapter 7 quote started some really encouraging comment discussions and faster, higher volume likes than any previously. I’d been worried about how little impact my organic marketing efforts and time investment in IG has had, so it’s like the light at the end of the tunnel to get encouragement like that. Maybe someone will read my book and enjoy it! Maybe I have a shot at recovering the costs that went into making it better! Maybe I’ll even make enough money to survive and write more in the future! Trying not to get ahead of myself, lol, but yay!

Part 2 Sooo hard to focus, and working with existing text definitely has its own challenges. Keep wanting to do other stuff and having to force myself to get back into it! Posting the daily progress is great in that sense, since I don’t want to admit to completing less than 2 chapters and 2-3K words on a weekday, so that’s a plus…


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