Day 162

Spoiler Alert! May contain planning-stage plot/character details or other spoilers!

16 Feb 2017

Progress; despite struggling to just sit down and work, dammit, I’m pushing forward again with the draft. Getting closer and closer to the point that I run out of content to recycle, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, as the word count seems to run about the same regardless of whether it’s fresh or edited. Still not totally happy with Ravel’s treatment; I think he needs to be more sympathetic and appealing, but Cole and Cadence’s reactions to him are so wary early on that it tips the hand against him. Recycling content is a little bit dangerous in that I slip into the flow of things and it’s hard to break it up and insert the meaningful changes that inform the plot direction and fresh characterization since the original draft, but sometimes I’m so in love with my own words that it seems a real shame to just let them wither in obscurity (lol).

I think this early middle section (life in Freedom) is running the risk of being too low on Cole’s motivation and too high on world building, which may feel slow and unexciting to readers despite the inherent interest in the new setting and situation, so that’s something to circle back to and enhance. Gonna try to keep pushing forward on the same basis; review/refresh/edit last two chapters or so, then push forward two (or more? #goals…) chapters.

Baby visitation over the weekend, so my actual work days are getting squeezed somewhat - all the more reason to buckle down and produce while I can! It’s bizarre to feel like I should be holding a baby, when it’s so new and totally unnecessary; there are other people to do that, after all, but it does feel like, I don’t know, like my arms are empty a lot or something. Which is hilarious, ‘cause I’ve held him for maybe total 20 minutes in his life, lol. It’s pretty cool to see family and stuff in action though; just the reality that something, someone can be so intrinsically precious without doing or being anything of their own volition. So yeah. Stuff n things…

Part 2

Man, it’s almost kind of pointless trying to get started in the morning; so many interruptions! And I just hit 1K followers on my bookstagram/IG account, so then I did a follow train and asked about giveaway preferences to gear up for the first one, so then I’ve been busy with that for like an hour setting it up and responding etc. So yeah, slow progress on the writing; slightly better on the marketing side! Must remember to ask questions in posts and interact more in future; great to have the feedback and I think it really builds more of a connection too! Market research, lol. Anyways, back at it!


Start Time: 11:30 am & 2:45 pm

Location: Abbotsford; home; couch

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