Day 138

Spoiler Alert! May contain planning-stage plot/character details or other spoilers!

03 Jan 2017

Happy New Year! Horrifyingly, it’s 2017! Not sure how that snuck up on me, but anyways, it’s here… Hope ya’ll have a better year than the last one!

Monday was a wash - mostly due to Christmas clean-up - and of course, I’m way behind on where I’d wanted to be in the planning and rewriting process, but if you’ve stuck with me for 138 days, you know that’s pretty much par for my course. On a brighter note, I still have ideas on how to move forward (read K.M. Weiland’s Character Arc blog series and go back to the flipchart paper to sketch out the plot based on that), my webfiction serials each have a handful of votes and at least one dedicated reader across platforms (thin, I know, but they’ve got their own issues and I don’t have time to polish them), my website’s working a bit better and more optimized, and my (ignored) Tumblr account is better organized and has more content for the tumblrs to ignore! Small victories, ok? Just let me have that…

I don’t do resolutions, and I don’t much care for goal setting in that I can’t handle the disappointment of failing at my own overly ambitious goals all the time, but I do have some targets for the upcoming months and years. The first one being, meet or get ahead of my editing and publication schedule. The next deadline is the beginning of April for the first round of rewrites, and while I wanted to be done for the end of February so I could get back on the road and maybe convince my editor to shift timelines forward for a June publication, at least I still have a chance of not having to push the entire schedule back (the odds of publishing for next Christmas are frighteningly high).

I’m still trying to get back to the UK, preferably Cornwall, this spring, though I’m flexible on location if there’s nothing there at the right time. In addition to the HelpX route to accommodation, I’ve come across some house-sitting sites, which could be a good alternative. Mostly it involves pet-sitting, and could be prohibitively expensive if I can’t schedule them tightly enough, but having free accommodation in return for much less work and the chance to explore a new town/city/region is pretty optimal. The biggest problem is that I can’t move around too often, in order to have the stability to get work done (freelancing or writing) and make enough money to pay for food, travel/transit expenses and publishing expenses. Still, it could be a promising avenue to pursue! I really need to add another source of projects soon too; the Textmaster work is too unreliable, even though I’ve attained a decently high rate of pay there. But I’m not giving space to any of that until I’ve made more progress and got a plan pinned down for the book.

Key ideas/research: what’s the starting lie? What’s wrong with the situation or Cole herself at the start that has to change? “Obedience is life?” -reinforce facets of the lie -foreshadow Cole’s capacity to change? How does Cole think she can fix this? Why is she wrong?
How does Cole realize she’s wrong and try again?Wants vs. Needs. -Wants is wrong, usually physical solution. pursuing a solution without addressing and confronting the lie. -Needs is the answer she has to struggle toward, from looking at the core of the lie. Perspective, understanding, also personified or objectified. -Want must be sacrificed for need, either for a bittersweet end, or harmonized goals. -Cole must act on her new belief, her understanding of what she needs and the lie, in the climax to conclusion. First Plot Point -events force Cole to a decision -her response sets up goal (towards the lie) - Don’t be tricked again? Find the truth to obey? -punished for retreating/fears self-sacrifice is a rewarding climax and final high in a change arc

Part 2

OK, research done; I’m going to try writing through the questions in Weiland’s character arc series and see if that results in anything workable. So far, I see potential for linking up the plot with her structure, and I appreciated the detail she goes into… Still torn between approaches; what’s the ‘lie’ and ‘truth’ for Cole? Too many directions it could take! Thursday

Start time: 10 am & 2:30 pm

Abbotsford, BC - home/couch

Drinking: black tea

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