Day 148

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27 Jan 2017

So remember how I was celebrating sending off my plot revisions two weeks ago?

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Still hate doing plots. Still kinda overwhelmed and procrastinate-y. Still trying anyways.

The upshot of all my procrastination is, I’ve finally channeled it into something productive. By focusing on the bookstagrammer community on Instagram, following the heck out of people, posting slightly better and definitely more on-topic photos and engaging in interactions including shoutout sessions and supportive commenting, I’ve more than doubled my follower count in less than a month (about two weeks) to over 500, with about 50 new followers a day right now. I’m channeling success there to Goodreads, adding anyone who’s account I can find, with massive success at almost 100 followers up from less than 20 two weeks ago. FB, Twitter & Tumblr are still no goes, and I’m not-so-seriously considering dropping Tumblr given the high level of investment and low returns. Lots of porny accounts following me and not much else… but I could probably do better on any or all of these accounts if I needed to, using pretty much the same strategy as IG. So on the marketing front, I’m not killing it, but I am seeing some marked progress! Hooray for small victories! To-do items include continuing and increasing growth on IG, reaching out to reviewers and book bloggers specifically to prep for Blind the Eyes’ release, and figuring out how to get a mailing list growing as well, given that everyone seems to think that’s the highest value thing to do…

Oh yeah, and writing a great book that everyone will love. Which brings me back to procrastination and impossible issues like, how do I make Cole compelling, since she’s certainly not lovable? Is it enough that she’s transparent in her issues at the start? Will readers be able to relate to her twisted, conflicted approach to the world? Have I built clear cause-effect into the story so she has to live out and overcome the results of her actions? Oh, and all the other characters - worthwhile? I have to find a way to make Itri and Ravel appealing… And everyone should be complex, not just one-note, and the whole thing should be achingly truth-telling with heart and expansion potential.

So no big deal at all, right?


Start Time: 2 pm

Location: Abbotsford; home; couch

drinking: G&T w/ bathtub gin

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