Day 73

Spoiler Alert! May contain planning-stage plot/character details or other spoilers!

15 Mar 2016

Saw some excellent (and not-so-excellent) shows in Vancouver over the weekend, both for CelticFest and within the broader local music scene.

Sketchy location, but Pat’s Pub on East Hastings had a great selection of on-tap beers and hosted the spectacular Jeff Andrew Band. Rare to see a violinist/fiddler leading the band and trading off vocals like that; totally inspiring. Also makes me feel inadequate on all three instruments that he was kicking my ass in…

In not-so-great-developments, my EI just ended two months earlier than I expected… I really thought I’d checked and seen May as the end date. It’s possible I misread it, or they didn’t like the way I was reporting things, or something just went wrong.

Had a near-encounter with my ex-boss yesterday, so my paranoia level is max. Disappointing not to have a few thousand more dollars to survive off of and save for the trip, particularly because my brilliant musician friend Rebel wants to travel Europe with me in August!

But whatever; I’ll adapt and survive. If anything, it gives me more incentive to start lining up my freelancing ducks in a row with a bit more time to go before changing timezones.

Still struggling with whether to really double down on the whole writing-as-a-career/calling thing, or to diversify in the interests of having a sustainable lifestyle. Lost cause today; I’m just not getting that much done, but something to think about…

Did some research yesterday by walking through the Marine Building, the Burrard Centre underground, and the Royal Centre - I’d forgotten that there was so much underground in that area, including access to the tunnels with SkyTrain right there… Opens up a whole world of possibilities. Layers of hidden society. Maybe a secret staging ground for an invasion/attack on the Tower?

I’d like to work the historic buildings in somehow too… The rewrites are really starting to pile up, and there’s a strong possibility of losing some important threads here, but I think I’d better focus on moving forward and get to the end before starting over from the beginning!


Start time: 12:30 pm

Location: couch/living room

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