Day 6

Spoiler Alert! May contain planning-stage plot/character details or other spoilers!

15 Jun 2015

Time to get serious. Vacation is over! (-ish) now into the fourth week of freedom(?)

I seeem to currently have a creativity cap of about an hour, but I’m going to need to find aa way to disengage, and then dive in again at least a few times each day in order to make this at all viable. Should be doable, considering there are a number of other projects to work on, from playing music and learning instruments to launching a business, certifying on some software, even just getting my EI application in and picking up some freelance gigs. Gotta pay those bills or move home, stat!

Although, getting started in the morning may have been a fluke… Planned CrossFit session turned out to be a free day, so taking advantage of the change of plan.

Amusingly (predictably…) my nice line by line point form plot outline turned into long form paragraph mashups without my noticing sometime in the last week.

Now I’ll probably have to clean up with a rewrite before I’ve even taken a stab at a first chapter…

Let’s see if I have any creativity to spare before noon!

Part 2

New record, two in one day. Did a very little bit of research on the publishing process, most of which supports what I already knew. No real money to be had in Canadian publishing (market the size of California’s). Manuscripts should be not only complete, but well rewritten, edited and polished prior to submission. I’m gonna have to commit to this thing, and not just for a little while, in order to make it work. No real connections, no lauded background, and a bit of childhood praise to run on. Good thing my fatal flaw is pride.

Made it to the end of the plot outline, kind of. Reviewing what I’ve got so far, I think it could go to a sequel or trilogy at least, with a kind of soft resolution/off to the next stagee of training ending to the first novel. But I need to do some research on what apprropriate/preferred book lengths are for my genre and age group (and pin those down…. and figure out how much I actually can write/will write place against plot pointss…yikes) - and then I need to revisit that plot, chart it step by step against tensionn and reveals, maybe get some advice on what to include? And of course, at some point I’ve got to sit down and start actually writing the stupid thing. Should also plot out an alternate ending in case it doesn’t get picked up for continuation. In the meantime, I’m gonna take a beat to work on some character profiles, which at this point is an element I’m not too confident about.

Part 3

Just breaking records today; heading towards a three hour peak!

Definitely feeling like I need to get serious; I spent a very brief amount of time looking at bank accounts, applying for EI, browsing contract, temp and part time gigs as well as some corporate stuff.

Verdict: it’s easy to spend money and hard to make it.

I’m having trouble with the character profiles. Possibly because I don’t have a history of liking people much?

Can’t even decide on a name. Research project for some other time, I think.

Other writing-related projects; get this up on a blog, map out all necessary character names, split out my warmup notes from plot from chapter summaries from character profiles from notes and create backups in another program besides Notes in case of program failure.

Things I should get done in my downtime from creative production, which somehow slips by at a rate roughly four times that of office work.

Astounding, that.


Start time: 9:30 am, 5:30 & 10:30 pm

Location: Matchstick Coffee Brewers & Our Town Cafe, Kingsway

Drinking: Celinga roast, Bancha & Cranberry Apple Iced Tea (+ gluten free coconut key lime bar) & Los Sietos Mezcal

Soundtrack: vintage, mostly rockabilly

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