Day 51

Spoiler Alert! May contain planning-stage plot/character details or other spoilers!

14 Jan 2016

Cole is both the easiest and hardest to write. It may be partially the first person present mode, where I find it easier to drop into the story with her than with the others, or it may be that I’ve known her the longest.

That said, I’m ready to be done with her latest stint in Freedom. Victoire is a pain to write, and I have little patience with writing the club - I’ll need to swing back and fix up the descriptive writing later.

In some ways, I’m also a bit fuzzy on where to go from here, which is making it hard to pick up the pace.

Cole needs to escape soon, or the entire plot line will have to shift to her simply getting out of the Tower. There should be just enough space left for her to get out and her and Silver/Itri to do… something…

I’m starting to expect this to work as a teen dystopian romance-ish thing, rather than an action YA title, which would argue for a love-triangle type set-up where Ravel and Itri are more evenly matched, but the way it’s going, Cole doesn’t yet have the emotional capacity and depth to dig into anything more than a slight attraction. Ravel is turning out abusive and manipulative, and Itri is shaping up to be more needy and less heroic than I had first imagined.

Is it better to keep away from the romancy elements than to set up people with no good chemistry? Itri has shown up for Cole a few times, so she should hero-worship him to a certain extent, but anything more than that will be hard to steer. But the story is very caught up in Cole’s internal life, her experience and struggles, so it makes sense that it would extend to relationships, based on the probable readership. I’m not sure there’s enough action or horror elements to carry the day alone…

Speaking of which, I think I’ve got a bloody death scene coming up today, which should be interesting. Not feeling it at the moment, but maybe when the time comes…


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