Day 125

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05 Oct 2016

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Two day streak! Of course, I’m still on chapter 1, so no need to get too excited >_>; Put in hours yesterday sorting beta feedback, much of which was simply embarrassing errors and inconsistencies, and I believe I’m waiting on at least one more round to come in. Following that, I’d like to release as a web-serial, but I need to look into the terms and copyright implications of that. Ideally, I’d get up draft 3 as a serial pre-release to create buzz, but then again, I’m not sure how much that translates to publicity for the same (albeit more polished) book, rather than a freebie leading into a sequel as per Lindsay Buroker, of the <a href=”” target”_blank”>excellent writer’s blog</a> and intimidating publication list. While most of the editing/rewriting has been a clean-up effort, clarifying and correcting pretty obvious issues, I’m wondering if there’s more significant change needed. What can I trim? What doesn’t ring true? Why isn’t there more dialogue? Is my world-building pathetically thin? And then, why is this taking so long??! I need to get on with life…! I’m pretty resigned to not making much money off this even once it’s up and running, but I do want to be able to write in future, or rather, I have this bizarre compulsion to keep writing despite all the excellent reasons not to, so I kind of need to make it happen.

Looking at the possibility of going home around Christmas, and possibly for like, three months, until the baby comes. (!) Which means lots of things, most of which I really don’t have the space, time or inclination to explore in detail. If I published beforehand, if I could even realistically target that Christmas season release date, would/should/could I be doing publicity at home, pushing to get into bookstores and local news outlets? What would that mean for my visa and residency? Costs to maintain dual streams of healthcare etc? Taxes? Work? People stuff? Freakin’ luggage? Lugging instruments back and forth across the Atlantic gets old, fast, and I’m not a fan of ‘going back’ to places I’ve been, really. But that is still where I have friends, family… So, more uncertainty to be a distraction while I try to press onward and upward!


Start time: 10 am

Mallaig: The West Highland Hotel, staff quarters block 1 the room beside 4, bed & the hotel lobby, armchair nook

Soundtrack: Citizens & Saints/Ghost Ship/Modern Post/Kings Kaleidoscope

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