Day 171

Spoiler Alert! May contain planning-stage plot/character details or other spoilers!

28 Feb 2017

Still procrastinating on the travel plans; some exciting developments on the home front that could really impact the choices I make… although if past experience has anything to say about it, I’m likely to end up waiting around for ages and nothing much happening, lol. If things do go ahead, it’ll take away from overall travel/digital nomadism fun, and also writing time, but offer more financial stability. Also, it’ll be something very worth doing, so I’m tentatively excited about the prospect. But while it’s interesting to think about, it’s also a huge distraction from getting on with the writing, and I’m finishing this book darnit (and probably a few to several to dozens after it…) so onwards!

The trickle of IG love is still dripping along, which is a huge encouragement and motivation. Thanks again for the love guys; your comments, likes and messages really help me stay engaged, have hope and keep pushing forward! I worked some more on graphics last night, and I’m going to keep trying to pull together the last few threads to get that giveaway up and running as soon as I possibly can!

But yeah, focus is hard, y’all. In more good news, I think I’m moving toward the end at a good clip and may only have a third to a quarter of this draft left to write! …the bad news being, plot-wise I only just hit the midpoint, so something about the balance is a bit iffy (lol). I really hope I don’t have 50% left to write though…


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