Day 49

Spoiler Alert! May contain planning-stage plot/character details or other spoilers!

12 Jan 2016

Victoire: feeling, sensation.

Cadence: memory.

Cole: being, analytic, remote.

Maybe I just don’t have the capacity to write complex, multi-dimensional characters? I know the multiple personality thing is an overdone trope, a writer’s crutch, but it just kinda happened…

And man, is Victoire making things awkward. Not to mention Ravel keeps getting more warped (in a useful way?) every time he pops up. I had thought some of these guys would be more inscrutable, but their weird weaknesses keep floating to the surface too soon. Might need to suppress some of that in the rewrites…

Also, this seems to be tipping toward the Teen section more and more; I’d like to keep things pretty PG (at most, 14A), but man, Victoire just keeps pushing that upper limit…

In other news, wedding photos are a massive waste of money (sorry aspiring photographers!) and image-crafting has jumped the shark. So ick.

Also, rounding Day 50 and the 40K word mark by the end of this week! Subtracting time spent (wasted?) on planning, plot, early rewrites etc., I seem to be holding steady at an average 1K words/hr for 10K/10 hours or 10K/2.5 weeks. If the target is 80K words minus 40K by EOW, 40K by 2.5 weeks per 10K is 2.5x4, so 10 weeks of work ahead before full first draft completion? That puts me at April, give or take any hiccups (hello vacation slacking!) for completion of first draft. Assuming I can wrap up in 40K more words (am I halfway there? no idea…) and not 60K+ more.

I’d like to think rewrites can be handled quickly and efficiently, but chances are not stellar. At this rate, finishing first draft, thorough rewrites, cool-off period to gain some distance from the draft, beta reading, and submissions should take the rest of the year. I have money coming in until May at the latest. Hmm…

Must. Pick. Up. The. Pace.


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