Day 14

Spoiler Alert! May contain planning-stage plot/character details or other spoilers!

11 Aug 2015

So apparently I’m getting in all my vacation at once before I start…?

Just over a month’s hiatus to pack and get moved out of Vancouver to the Valley. My level of discipline is pathetic by any standard; I get worn out by selling things on Craigslist!

Even after weeks of nothing much (lots of Netflix!), it was brutally hard to get back into this. How can there be stories boiling in me and yet the thought of opening the file to start typing makes me mildly nauseous? So bizarre…

In other news, I’ve been trying to get set up as a freelancer, and wow, is that ever a pathetically low-paying enterprise! The writing is both boring and shockingly challenging, the transcription painfully low-paying - think $3 for an hour! - with demanding standards, and anything even remotely classed as ‘skilled’ unattainable without significant qualifications and experience.

I have no intention of sinking hours into that enterprise, but I had hoped that it would provide better support with less effort, as I clearly cannot manage to write while holding down a more demanding job!

Ah the life of an artist! (lol)


Start Time: 11:15 am

Location: couch/living room

Drinking: Black mint tea

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