Day 7

Spoiler Alert! May contain planning-stage plot/character details or other spoilers!

16 Jun 2015

33 acres brewing Contains affiliate links. Making some progress on names; I think all the gifted need a ‘star’ name, as well as a common name from birth, heritage, alias etc.

Some good things coming out of the profiles; physical appearance reflecting some meaning, impacting plot more than I expected. It’s hard to think critically about these things; it kind of feels like information aabout plot and characters emerges from somewhere else, which makes it weird to refine, and I’ve never been great at making choices.

So many variables!

But I’m pleased with the progress overall. Not getting as much done in my days as I expected or hoped for, but not terrible either. Getting awfully close to needing to lay down some actual writing and not just scoping out details, which is building anticipation and also suppressed terror.

Fun issue; my bluetooth keyboard likes to repeat characters regularly, which is going to make for significant rewrites.

I think my casual lifestyle is agreeing with me though. I’m starting to look more like a healthy person, despite my dissipated lifestyle!

Part 2

Not sure I’ll make it to the third time today. Watched Home and realized once again the iimportance of a good, solid story and likeable characters. It really uses crutches to prop itself up: low, slapstick comedy, absurd trademark speech and characterization, tearjerker death/abandonment issues with no setup and little depth. It was kind of boring, unengaging, trying too hard and without tension.

I’m gonna need to find someonne to push me on the characterization and plot. It seems kind of crazy to have to do all that before even getting an editor, though. I guess you need to have a story established far enough that it stands out from the crowd, but sheesh.

It’s tempting to think I can put together a really compelling pitch and bring in an editor early, but on the other hand, don’t want to burn through all the good agents by taking a chance on an incomplete manuscript…

Ah the life of a creative; overwhelming hubris and crushing inadequacy~~

In other news, still tiptoeing around diving into the actual writing of this thing. I think that’s more of an at-home, big(ger) chunk of time endeavor, but I could just be being a diva about it too…

Guess I’ll keep building out character profiles until the stars align.


Start time: 12, 1 & 5:00 pm

Location: 33 Acres Brewing, Elysian Coffee & The Buzz Cafe and Espresso Bar at Harrison Gallery

Drinking: 33 Acres taster: Life, Sunshine, Euphoria and Fervor (Life is bitterest, no surprise. Shoulda tried Nirvana), Nitro Cold Brew & Genmaicha

Soundtrack: Retro Soft Rock/Pop? Crosby, Stills & Nash album & Vintage Folk? I think I heard some Gordon Lightfoot

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