Day 60

Spoiler Alert! May contain planning-stage plot/character details or other spoilers!

28 Jan 2016

Was looking at flight costs to the UK yesterday. I should really plan to leave by May.

I’m not going to be ready.

Not that I’m motivated to move faster or anything. Ugh.

On the one hand, I’m attracted to the idea of writing everything to overblown, adolescent excess: Cole is grievously injured in every halfway-dangerous encounter.

On the other hand, it is kind of overwrought and ridiculous, and necessitates magic-like interventions to return her to operational status in order for the story to keep moving.

Not plotting based off of a timeline is going to be a problem; there are several storylines with different people in different places, and I’m feeling like they don’t line up very neatly at all. It’s looking like the action only takes place over a couple days - less than a week - based on Cole’s timeline. But it feels like it should be longer.

Another concern is all the names/identities spinning around. Not only are there a lot of named characters, but nearly everyone has multiple names, if not multiple identities that are used meaningfully, not interchangeably, but are meant to address the same physical existence.

But! There is a good(ish) reason for it! Usually…

I keep telling everyone I’m not trying to get all artistic and highbrow with this, but then I keep making decisions that are complex instead of entertaining… bleah.

Also, autocorrect is killing me here. Gah.


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