Day 74

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16 Mar 2016

So, silver lining to the whole losing EI/no income thing: I can now talk/post about my plans, build a platform, self-promote and all that irritating but necessary stuff without having to play my cards close to my chest for fear of being busted!

Not that I’m actually getting around to doing any of that… but it’s nice to know I could

Came across this Google guide thing where if you review enough places in Google maps, they give you 1TB of storage for a couple years, which would solve my space issue and let me deal with the laptop thing finally… so just spent most of the afternoon reviewing a half dozen places after spending most of the morning catching up on Gilmore Girls and snapping pics of junk to sell on eBay (because income) - both chores that I’d resent doing as actual work, but for whatever reason, I happily do for no guaranteed pay…

And of course, now I don’t want to keep writing because I’m distracted by projects that I’ve started and not finished. So, poop.

I feel like I’m really missing the target with the multiple voices/narrative thing. It worked a little better when I was switching tense (or maybe not), but now it’s becoming strikingly clear that everyone needs their own distinctive voice with appropriate characteristics and tone… so much for avoiding dialogue because it’s too hard! I just turned the whole freakin’ book into dialogue! Agh! Something else for the rewrites, I guess.

One issue that’s cropping up, it that Hayne5’s voice is getting rougher, and I’m tiptoeing around the language thing - I don’t really swear (although I do use mildly crude language in conversation), and I don’t really support publishing books that promote or normalize negative behaviours, but… A story is also a reflection of reality, and you can’t over-edit reality without watering it down or warping it out of all meaning.

And then, the bigger issue, despite all the world building, I haven’t envisioned or mapped the development of things like language drift (slang will have changed in a different community/environment/time), not to mention environmental degradation. How much of our current world is no longer reference-able in language? How careful do I need to be with metaphors? When people are controlled down to the level of their memories, do they even have a memory of God to reference in cursing? How do they learn to curse if their society prevents them from experiencing anything worth cursing about? Head… spinning… lol.

Also spent some time recently researching Prague, as Rebel wants to visit there this summer.

I. Can’t. Even… sometimes there’s too much out there to even consider. Too many sights, sounds, experience, not nearly enough time or money! TT_TT


Start time: 3:00 pm

Location: couch/living room

Drinking: Los Sietos Mezcal

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