Day 76

Spoiler Alert! May contain planning-stage plot/character details or other spoilers!

21 Mar 2016

Tearing my hair out (just a bit!) with travel planning; I have this obsessive need to research and map out every moment, which is hugely distracting and possibly not that productive, since I keep having factors slide around on me anyways. Turns out my arrival date is no good for the family that I’d been planning to stay with at first, so I either need to rebook that or make plans to continue on to another destination right away (and deal with the massive luggage in tow!) At which point, the questions only start multiplying: earlier in June, or even May? Later in July? Keep the date and proceed on to job hunting in Scotland immediately? But what if I don’t go back to working in an office? What then…?

So many questions that I just can’t engage with right now. So many possible tracks. Occasionally, endless possibility is alluring and hopeful; more often, it’s crippling, or at least dizzying. A tempting, deceitful illusion.

As much as anything, what I need more of is focus - commitment!


Start time: 9:30 am

Location: couch/living room

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